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Invisible Alien

Invisible Alien – alien origin movie 2021| Review

Invisible Alien  Release Date – August 31, 2021   Rating – 3/10   Director – Jintao Lu, Dawei Zhang  Cast:   Wu Jiao (Yin) Shengwen Ruan (Seven [A.I.]) Xia Wang   Intro   In the movie Invisible Alien, some scientists are sent away from Earth, to research aliens they used to call Messenger, but the scientist’s gravity is not understood …

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Rumba Love

“Rumba Love” ending explained। Review 2021

Rumba Love   Release Date – September 24, 2021   Rating – 5.5/10   Director – Guillermo Iván   Cast:  Guillermo Iván (Nicolas) Zair Montes (Telmaris) Ilean Almaguer (Selma) Ed Trucco (Jim) Osvaldo de León (Celso) Alfredo Diaz (Bob Arenas)   Intro   Rumba Love tells the story of two friends, a Cuban American Rumba singer, who together dream that they’ll …

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The consequences

“The Consequences” ending explained | Review,

The consequences Release Date – 11 June 2021 (Spain) Rating – 3.5/10 Director – Claudia Pinto Cast: Juana Acosta (Fabiola) Alfredo Castro Hector Alterio Carme Elias Sonia Almarcha Maria Romanillos (Gabi) Intro The Consequences The movie depicts a family battling with their past, hiding everything from each other, and in all this, their entire family …

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