Money shot

Netflix’s Money Shot: (Po**hub scandal) movie review 2023

“Money Shot: the po**hub story”

Release Date – 15 Mar 2023

🌟🌟🌟 – 2.6/10

Director – Suzanne Hillinger


  • Asa Akira (Po**Hub Ambassador)
  • Siri Dahl (Performer)
  • Cherie DeVille (Performer)
  • Allie Knox (Performer)
  • Gwen Adora (Performer)

Story Line

Money Shot: The Po**hub Story is a 2023 documentary film directed by Suzanne Hillinger and produced by Alex Gibney’s Jigsaw Productions. It explores the rise and fall of Po**hub, the world’s largest p**n website, which faced a major scandal in 2020 after being accused of hosting videos of s#x trafficking, child abuse, and r*pe.

The film features interviews with Po**hub executives, journalists, activists, lawyers, victims, and p**n performers who share their perspectives on the controversial platform and its impact on the p*rn industry and society.


“Money Shot: The Po**hub Story” is a documentary that was released on Netflix on March 15, 2023. The documentary is about the colossally successful por*ography website, Po**hub, and the war over it. The documentary dithers between its defenders and critics and doesn’t tell us much. The documentary takes a more detached and sobering look at the arguments of the crusaders.

The film has mixed reviews from both critics and audiences. Some praised it for being informative, balanced, and eye-opening about the complex issues surrounding online po**ography. Others criticized it for being biased, sensationalist, or superficial in its treatment of Po**hub’s problems and its effects on s#x workers. The film has also sparked debates about censorship, consent, regulation, and accountability in the digital age.


money Shot shows other aspects of the adult industry that are probably beyond the imagination of a common man, showing a new world where many difficulties have to be faced.

Before watching Money Shot movie, you should clarify in your mind on what basis you are watching this movie, if your thinking decides to keep s#x workers in mind, then you will be far away from the truth of the movie.

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