Hunt (2022) movie review: South Korean film ‘Hunt’ending explained & summary


Release Date – 4 November 2022

⭐⭐⭐ – 5.8/10

Director – Lee Jung-jae


  • Lee Jung-jae (Park Pyong-ho)
  • Jung Woo-sung (Kim Jung-do)
  • Heo Sung-tae (Jang Cheol-seong)
  • Go Yoon-Jung (Jo Yoo-jeong)
  • Hye-jin Jeon (Bang Joo-Kyung)
  • Man-sik Jeong (Agent Yang)
  • Joe Cappelletti (Kim Jung-do)
  • Matt Fowler (Park Pyong-ho)
  • Andreas Fronk (Assassin)

Story Line

The movie “The Hunt” is based on the national security planning of South Korea in the 1980s, in which two top CIA officers suspect each other and work together on a mission to save their country.


The Hunt movie begins with the President of South Korea visiting the USA, where he is attacked by suicide bombers but the President manages to escape. Afterward, a meeting of South Korean officials is called, in which the CIA agents are all present.

All the major missions of South Korea were failing because there was a spy among them who would pass their news to North Korea and their enemy countries. The President’s Secretary called two CIA agents, Kim and Pyong, to him. Based on Pyong’s documents, Kim had worked on and belonged to the military, and had the power of the Armed Forces.

Both Kim and Pyong start to find the spy on their way. It is then known that someone among them is transmitting news to enemy countries. But the investigation of both gets entangled in such a way that they grow suspicious of each other; Kim Pyong investigates each other’s teams, with Kim believing Pyong to be a spy and Pyong believing Kim to be a spy.

South Korean President left on an Asian tour. Upon arriving in Thailand, there was a conspiracy to kill him. Kim himself wanted his presidency to be killed, as the South Korean President was very dictatorial and had indiscriminately fired upon people.

But Kim had no idea that if the president was killed, North Korea would attack and destroy all of South Korea at the same time, but Pyong understood this very well. A girl lived with Pyong and she was a North Korean spy, but Pyong was unaware of it.

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South Korea’s President was attacked in Thailand. Pyong saved the President, but Kim was killed. After that, everyone returned to South Korea. As soon as Pyong went to meet the girl, she told her North Korean gang to kill Pyong. In the end, it was revealed That the girl from North Korea was a spy agent.


Hunt is an action, drama, and mystery film that will be able to attract the audience from the first few minutes, as it shows continuous action. The script of Hunt has been kept very intense so that people do not become bored. Hunt’s presentation is a bit confusing, as it will make the audience feel mysterious.

South Korean audiences will be able to understand the Hunt film better, as many documents are shown in it which are not dubbed and the content written on those documents is very important. For those watching in Asia and the West, it will feel like emptiness, and there may be difficulty in understanding. This movie is awesome and I liked it; I would recommend that you watch it.

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