Lesson Plan

Netflix Lesson Plan (2022) film summary & review, Ending explained

Lesson Plan

Release Date – 23 November 2022

⭐⭐⭐ – 3.5/10

Director – Daniel Markowicz


  • Piotr Witkowski (Damien)
  • Marcin Bosak (Professor)
  • Jan Wieczorkowski (Principal)
  • Rafal Zawierucha (Lab teacher)
  • Zuzanna Galewicz (Emilia)
  • Antonina Jarnuszkiewicz (polish Teacher)

Story Line

In the Lesson Plan, a former COP’s friend dies, who was a professor, Professor is killed by falsely accusing the drug mafia, to find out the truth, former COP Damien poses as a professor and brings the truth to the fore.


Lesson Plan begins with quick action, in which COP Damien fights with drug smugglers, Damien becomes the first member of the drug mafia team and then kills everyone, but the drug smuggler was informed about this first. so they kill Damien’s wife too.

After this Damien breaks down, quits his job as well as starts drinking heavily, lying alone in the house like an alcoholic, one day his professor’s friend calls, and asks Professor Damien for help that, Our college supplies drugs and it’s ruining a lot of kids so you have to find out but Damien refuses.

After this, the professor himself chases the drug smuggler, but the drug mafia implicates the professor and proves that the drug smuggler is the professor, and the professor is killed by Damien after hearing the news of the professor’s death. Shocked as he flees to the professor’s house, Damien regrets that he may have made a huge mistake by rejecting the professor.

Damien is determined that now he will prove his friend innocent, so he goes back to that college as a History teacher, and keeps a close watch on the drug smuggler, Damien was a former COP so he succeeds in his work, Damien finally finds out where the drug is being made and who is making it?

When Damien reaches the place of drug supply, it is known that the drug is actually made by the principal of that college, and the college security guards were also involved with him, some boys of Damien college were trained, so that he too fight the drug mafia, Damien and the trained students fight together, killing all the smugglers, ultimately making the college drug-free.


Lesson Plan is an action crime film, presented with a good story, but the duration of the film has been greatly increased, which can bore the viewer, there is nothing new to see in this film. On watching the film, it seems as if one is watching an old film, scenes from many different films have been collected and shown by mixing the stories.

Lesson Plan is a simple film, on which I do not think much time is needed, if you are fond of watching films, then you must have seen such films because nothing new has been shown in this film, everything has been seen. See, the Lesson Plan is very simple, so watching the movie would be a waste of time.

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