The Good Nurse

The Good Nurse (2022), Based on a true story movie? Summary with reviews

The Good Nurse

Release Date – October 26, 2022

⭐⭐⭐ – 6.2/10

Director – Tobias Lindholm


  • Eddie Redmayne (Charlie Cullen)
  • Jessica Chastain (Amy Loughren)
  • Denise Pillott (Nurse 1)
  • Dartel McRae (Nurse 2)
  • Joseph Fugelo (Dr Collins)
  • Noah Emmerich (Tim Braun)


The Good Nurse is a film based on a true incident, in which a doctor named Charlie unnecessarily kills patients, he had no motive, he just killed his patient, and in the end, Amy, a nurse working with him, suspected When it turns out, Amy helps the police and Charlie gets jailed, even though Charlie has been very helpful to Amy.


The Good Nurse begins in the hospital, where Amy nurse takes care of many patients alone, Amy had a heart problem, and she had to undergo an operation, but she does not tell this anyone, because she has just joined the hospital. Had the hospital management come to know about this, then she would have lost her job, if Amy had worked in that hospital for more than 1 year, she would have gotten medical insurance, due to which she could easily get the heart operation done, so she worked silently. Sometimes when Amy had a problem, she used to go to the washroom and rest.

Amy has two daughters, she is divorced from her husband, and now she lives only with her two daughters, a few days later a nurse named Charlie joins the hospital, together with Charlie to help Amy. Charlie understands Amy’s condition in a few days and steals medicines from the hospital’s medical room, Charlie supports Amy a lot, goes to her house, cooks food and takes full care of her.

But suddenly the death rate of patients increases in the hospital, the patient who was in good condition also used to die within one night, it was strange because death used to happen in every hospital but not so quickly, which happened in Charlie’s case. It started with arrival.

The police team takes statements from all the people in the hospital and does a lot of investigation, the police come to know that the same type of medicine is found in the body of all the patients who die, but who is giving it is still not known. , But when the police go to different hospitals and see Charlie’s old records, it is found that, in all the hospitals Charlie works, the death rate suddenly increases in all those places, Charlie has a hand in this but the Police can’t catch red-handed.

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As soon as the information about this whole news comes to the hospital management, the hospital suspends Charlie to save his infamy and Charlie leaves the city, but Charlie had fallen in love with Amy and Charlie was in love with her. Amy used to share all the things, Charlie tells Amy which hospital he is going to go to, and Amy takes advantage of this and gives all the information to the police, and the police arrest Charlie, at the behest of the police.

Charlie does not confess his crimes, but when Amy talks to Charlie, Charlie confesses to all the crimes, when Charlie is asked why he does this, Charlie said, “I don’t know why I do this.” No one stopped me so I go on doing it, with this the film ends and Charlie is sentenced to life imprisonment.


The Good Nurse is a film based on a true incident, in which mystery drama thriller everything will seen, this film shows the personality of a person who is doing wrong things but there is no one to stop him, so he doesn’t even stop He doesn’t want to, he is doing wrong things and people are forgiving him to avoid his infamy.

A lot of emotional scenes have been shown in The Good Nurse, as well as the duty of a nurse is also shown which needs to be followed in real life, even if a person is doing good to you, if he is wrong then sometimes his Should not be accompanied, that’s why I like the movie The good nurse very much, and I would like you to watch this movie once.

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