Watcher 2022, movie review & Summary with ending explained


Release Date – November 4, 2022

⭐⭐⭐ – 6.0/10

Director – Chloe Okuno


  • Maika Monroe (Julia)
  • Karl Glusman (Francis)
  • Burn Gorman (Watcher / Weber)
  • Tudor Petrut (Taxi Driver)
  • Gabriela Butuc (Flavia)
  • Madalina Anea (Irina)

Story Line

In the Watcher film, a young couple Francis-Julia leaves America for work and shifts to Bucharest, when Francis goes to work, then someone stares at his apartment from another apartment across the street, which makes Julia quite strange. It seemed, and there was a lot of panic about serial killers in that area, due to which Julia thought that maybe it is the serial killer who wants to kill her, when Julia tells this, Francis and his associates start feeling like this. Julia has gone mad after coming here, but in the end, the watcher attacks Julia, which leads to Julia’s death.


Francis and Julia both shifts to Bucharest, Francis’ childhood was spent in Romania, so he knew the Romanian language, but Julia had a lot of problems with it because Julia could not talk properly, and everyone spoke in the Romanian language.

Francis would often leave for the office in the morning and return late at night, by which time Julia was exhausted and felt quite alone in the house, her eyes repeatedly falling on an apartment across the street from which A person named Weber was always staring at her.

Often some woman is killed by slitting her throat on that street, this used to go on in the news, it is said that there is a serial killer who does this but has not been caught yet, which will cause a lot of trouble to Julia. It seems, Julia could not talk to anyone properly, even when Julia went to the market, Weber kept on following her.

Julia tells Francis this thing but Francis does not take this matter seriously and calls the police and registers a formal complaint, due to which the police also do not take action, but one day Weber reaches Julia’s house with the police and complains that Julia always looks at my window, causing the police to warn Julia a lot and leaves.

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Due to Julia not knowing the Romanian language, Francis used to make fun of Julia many times while talking to his colleague, due to which Julia felt a lot of embarrassed and she felt lonely, so she accompanied Francis to a party somewhere. Wasn’t even ready to go.

One day Julia was alone in the house when Weber comes and slits Julia’s throat with a knife, but Julia’s throat is not completely cut, Irina, who lives next to Julia, had a gun, Julia the gun Runs away and shoots Weber three times with a gun, killing Weber, when Francis also arrives, Francis is convinced that Julia was telling the truth, but it was too late and Julia would have died. Yes, with this the film ends.


Watcher is a drama crime thriller film, in which good combination will be seen, suspense is created at the beginning of the film which will force the mind to think what is going to happen next, the way of presenting the film is also very great. Because the film will provide a different kind of adventure in the last one which is related to the thriller.

Watcher movie will also make you experience real incidents in real life because often you see someone or someone or someone sees you exactly the way it is shown in the film, and thousands of questions run through your mind, The film is amazing, I would like to see the film.

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