Athena movie Netflix 2022, summary & movie review – Who killed Karim brother?


Related Date – 23 September 2022

⭐⭐⭐ – 5.8/10

Director – Romain Gavras


  • Dali Benssalah (Abdel)
  • Sami Slimane (Karim)
  • Anthony Bajon (Jérôme)
  • Ouassini Embarek (Moktar)
  • Alexis Manenti (Sebastien)
  • Karim Lasmi (Imam)

Story Line

A video goes viral in Athena in which it is seen that some men dressed in police uniforms kill Ibrahim, an 18-19-year-old boy, there is a commotion in Ibrahim’s house, Ibrahim had three other brothers start fighting with the police and the government to take revenge, but Ibrahim had a brother Abdel in the army who was trying his best to keep his family calm, but he was unsuccessful, but the truth is that some of the People had killed that boy wearing police uniform so that the victim community would end up fighting with the government.


At the beginning of Athena, some young boys from Muslim society create a ruckus in government places in France and ransack government offices, robbing police stations of weapons because they wanted to avenge their brother’s death from the police.

A video of Ibrahim’s death is viral in which it is seen that some people wearing police uniform beat Ibrahim badly, which leads to the death of Ibrahim, the entire Muslim society wanted to take revenge for Ibrahim’s death, four of Ibrahim There were brothers among whom Karim was the most aggressive, the second brother Abdel was in the army and he was unable to pacify his family members because his brother was very stubborn, and Karim was not ready to keep calm without avenging his brother’s death.

Karim continues his war against the government and the policemen and causes heavy sabotage so that the government was ready for action, Abdel also has to leave his job because he has to go to that place to convince his family members and brothers. But it goes, neither the government nor the police were listening to Abdel’s talk, nor was his brother Karim taking his words seriously.

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At the end of the film, Karim kidnaps a policeman and threatens the government that if the policemen who killed his brother are not handed over to him, he will kill this policeman, but to save that policeman Karim’s brother Abdel fights with Karim himself, in which Karim is killed and Abdel releases the cop, but Abdel’s brother Sébastien, who sprays gas and petrol throughout the building, gets out himself. and sets the building on fire, killing Abdel and ending the film.


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Athena is said to be a thriller drama film, but this film will not look as strong in action as you would like emotionally, this film is shown action most of the time but action will not show much better results, and through action, this film If you try to understand, then this film will not be understood at all.

Understanding the dilemmas faced by Abdel of the lead role in the movie Athena is a more difficult task, as Abdel had to defend his country as he was in the army and, at the same time, quell the violations of his brothers’ fighting with the government, and he gets caught in both these problems and is unable to convince anyone of his point, due to which he has to give his life in the end, which will make the movie watcher very emotional, Athena movie That’s why I like it because it shows the helplessness of the person in a better way.

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