Orphan First Kill

Orphan First Kill review & summary 2022, What will Orphan first kill be about?

Orphan: First Kill

Related Date – 19 August 2022

⭐⭐⭐ – 5.5/10

Director – William Brent Bell


  • Isabelle Fuhrman (Esther / Leena)
  • Julia Stiles (Tricia Albright)
  • Rossif Sutherland (Allen Albright)
  • Hiro Kanagawa (Detective Donnan)
  • Matthew Finlan (Gunnar Albright)
  • Samantha Walkes (Dr Segar )
  • Gwendolyn Collins (Anna)

Story Line

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In Orphan: First Kill, Leena, a criminal who runs away from the Saarne Institute correctional centre, looks like a little girl but was much older, Leena targets a wealthy family in America whose Little girl Esther went missing a few years ago, Leena becomes a part of that family but Esther’s mother Tricia had understood that this is not her daughter, due to which Leena has to face a lot of problems and in the end, Leena kills Esther’s entire family to save herself.


Orphan: First Kill begins with the Saarne Institute where many criminals are kept to reform, there was a girl named Leena at the Saarne Institute who was about 35 years old, but she looked like a little girl and she went to the Saarne Institute. She had also murdered many members of the K.K. and she was always on the lookout to escape.

Once Leena gets a chance and she manages to escape from Saarne Institute but she also takes some books with her to Saarne Institute, Leena goes to a cafe and searches for how many children a few years ago today Missing and matches the face of one of them, making her house her target, the name of the missing girl was Esther, Leena changes her full disguise to look like Esther and reaches Esther’s House.

Esther gets emotional after seeing Allen and thinks my daughter is back, but Tricia still knew it wasn’t Esther because it was her mom Tricia who made Esther disappear, but one day Tricia catches Leena red-handed and learns all her truth, Tricia says that now you have to follow my instructions or else I will kill you and break your rack, due to which Leena kept obeying Tricia for a few days. , but Tricia one day gives Leena a snack mixed with poison, causing Leena to suspect that Tricia might want to kill me, so a fight starts between the two at home.

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The fight is so fierce that Leena kills Esther’s brother and starts a fight with Tricia and the whole house is on fire, after some time Allen also arrives, and Allen tries to stop both of them. But the fight doesn’t stop and Leena pushes Tricia off the roof, causing Tricia to fall to her death, but as Allen strokes Leena’s mouth and caresses her affectionately, her teeth come out which They were fake, seeing that Allen learns that this is not my daughter and she falls from the roof in shock, and thus the entire family of Esther ends and with this, the film also ends. She goes.


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Horror drama crime will be seen in Orphan First Kill. it is an average+ film because the film has been made by mixing many topics in this film and at the same time the story of this film is also very interesting.

The story of Orphan: First Kill could have been better presented, which would have doubled the thrill in the film, as the excitement in films often lasts until the murderer is discovered, but only in the middle of the film. It is revealed that Esther’s disappearance is her mother, which ends the entire suspense of the film, it would have been better if this was told at the end of the film, this film is not worth watching more than once, but I’d like you to watch Orphan: First Kill one more time.