Bullet Train

Bullet Train movie review, How can I watch the 2022 Bullet Train

Bullet Train

Release Date – 3 August 2022

⭐⭐⭐ – 6.2/10

Available – Theaters & many Movie download sites on Google

Director – David Leitch


  • Brad Pitt (Ladybug)
  • Joey King (Prince)
  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Tangerine)
  • Brian Tyree Henry (Lemon)
  • Andrew Koji (Kimura)
  • Hiroyuki Sanada (The Elder)
  • Michael Shannon (White Death)
  • Sandra Bullock (Maria)
  • Bad Bunny (Wolf)
  • Logan Lerman (The Son)

Story Line

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Bullet Train The film depicts the world’s fastest-running Bullet Train in Japan, in which the world’s deadly criminals climb to kill each other, but the mastermind of all this was only one person named White Death. Everyone was called, the White Death wanted to kill all his enemies at once, another criminal named Ladybug boarded the Bullet Train, Ladybug was given a contract to bring a suitcase by train without killing anyone, but she Many people have to be killed to save their lives.


Bullet Train The film starts from a platform in Japan, the bullet train has to travel a long way and as the train moves forward, deadly criminals board from different stations, all those criminals in one place.

But the plan to collect was the plan of Japan’s famous deadly criminal White Death because they were all enemies of White Death, White Death wanted to call them all in one place and finish together I, White Death’s daughter in bullet train and Both sons were also present, White Death’s daughter hated White Death very much, so she was already present on that train to kill her dad, but White Death was not aware of this.

Ladybug, a private contractor, also boarded a bullet train. She was ordered to murder someone. She was told to steal only one suitcase, but there was a lot of money in that suitcase and all eyes were on that suitcase, the suitcase. A lot of fights start in the affair and everyone tries to kill each other in turn, the action goes on continuously throughout the film and the bullet train keeps running nonstop.

But in the end, when all the criminals join together in the same box, then Ladybug tells all of them that please instead of killing each other, we should think, why are we killing each other and we are all here. But who has gathered, Ladybug also reveals that the White Death himself will board the Bullet Train from the station in Tokyo and try to kill everyone, so all the criminals make a plan and go to different compartments to kill the White Death. hideaway.

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As soon as White Death enters inside the train, once again a great fight starts, but this time the pilot of the bullet train is also killed, due to which the bullet train overtakes its end station and becomes a residential area of ​​Japan. and there is great destruction, but White Death’s daughter manages to kill White Death and her daughter also dies in the same accident, in this whole accident Ladybug, The Elder and her son Kimura escape and with this, the film ends.


Bullet Train is an action, comedy, and thriller film, but most of them will see action in the film and will also be affected by it, an attempt has been made to make the story of Bullet Train quite mysterious but it is not presented on the screen in a better way. In the film, many criminals kill each other and are determined to kill each other but nothing is known about who wants to kill whom, and why and it will remain a mystery.

There will be no shortage of action in the film Bullet Train, if you are fond of watching action and then you must watch this film and at the same time the temper of comedy has also been shown which saves the film from getting boring, but this Had the story of the film been presented better, perhaps the thrill of this film could have increased, even more, the action scenes of the film Bullet Train impressed me, so I would like you to watch this film too.