Purple Hearts

Purple hearts ending explain: movie review & summary 2022

Purple Hearts

Release Date – 29 July 2022

⭐⭐⭐ – 5.8/10

Director – Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum


  • Sofia Carson (Cassie)
  • Nicholas Galitzine (Luke)
  • Chosen Jacobs (Frankie)
  • John Harlan Kim (Toby)
  • Kat Cunning (Nora)
  • Linden Ashby (Jacob Morrow Sr.)
  • Anthony Ippolito (Johnno)
  • Loren Escandon (Marisol)

Story Line

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Purple Hearts depicts a contract marriage, in which a couple named Cassie and Luke, do not love each other but look for mutual benefit, both of them marry each other, Cassie was suffering from sugar disease. As all her earnings were spent paying medical bills, Cassie wanted to be a rockstar but her dreams were hindered by illness.

On the other hand, Luke was a drug addict but at the moment he had left all this and joined the army but he needed some money, because when Luke was drug addicted, he had raised money in a lot of debt, and now that money was to be returned to Luke.

The army’s principle was that if the army man who was married would be given extra money and his wife’s medical insurance would also be free, so Luke and Cassie get married together so that Luke can get money and Cassie will get free medical. Keep getting treatment. Both Cassie and Luke get married under contract, but shortly after, senior army officers learn that they have married under contract and will soon divorce, but Luke and Cassie get along with each other. Giving falls in love, but Luke is punished for breaking the rules and has to spend 6 months in jail.


Luke marries Cassie and leaves for Iraq the very next day because he had to take part in the war, Luke ends up getting extra money because he is now married and gives him a loan from Johnno, the drug smuggler that Luke took.

Starts sending money because Johnno threatened to kill her family members, on the other hand, Cassie also gets medical facilities completely free and she invests the money she earns by singing her song in her contest and she quickly becomes a superstar, Cassie’s name is discussed all around, her song becomes a huge hit, making Cassie a lot of money, but only then she gets the news that Luke’s leg was fractured in the attack in Iraq And he’s coming back.

For a few days, Luke and Cassie try to stay together through drama but slowly things spread to everyone, and when the money is not received on time, Johnno tells this to the army’s headquarters, due to which Luke is given 6 months. He is put in jail and his job is also taken away.

Cassie was happy at first that she was let off by Luke as she had a lot of money and had become a rock star, but within a few days, Cassie starts missing Luke and feels that she probably won’t be able to live without Luke anymore, Luke is her right partner so she proposes to Luke again, Cassie promises that we will get married again and live together as husband and wife, and With this, the film ends.


Purple Hearts is a film with drama, music, and romance, but action will not be seen in it, while the army has also been shown in it for a long time, the music in the film is very great which will give a different experience, romance in Purple Hearts is less It is shown but both the couples are presented in such a way that the inner wish of the beholder would be that it would be a true couple of both of them even though both of them were in love under a contract and everyone knew that they would soon separate.

Purple Hearts will also make you very emotional because both Luke and Cassie’s life was going through a lot of struggle but suddenly each other gets support, but after a while when Cassie becomes a superstar and Luke again gets them in trouble. If you go, it seems that perhaps helping someone in the present times can prove to be the biggest crime, this film will be very emotional, I liked Purple Hearts a lot, I would like, you to see it too.

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