The Gray Man

Netflix,The Gray man ending explain: film review & summary 2022

The Gray Man

Release Date – 15 July 2022

⭐⭐⭐ – 5.8/10

Director – Joe Russo, Anthony Russo


  • Ryan Gosling (Six)
  • Chris Evans (Lloyd Hansen)
  • Ana de Armas (Dani Miranda)
  • Billy Bob Thornton (Fitzroy)
  • Jessica Henwick (Suzanne Brewer)
  • Dhanush (Avik San)
  • Alfre Woodard (Margaret Cahill)
  • Regé-Jean Page ( Carmichael)

Story Line

In The Gray Man, the program is run by the CIA in the name of Sierra, which used to work with skilled criminals so that the name of the CIA is not spoiled and the whole blame is put on the criminals, CIA will punish the people of Sierra for such illegal acts. caught and used to work with them.

But Carmichael, the high-ranking CIA, didn’t like Sierra’s people at all, so he orders Sierra’s most capable person, Six, to kill Sierra’s people, and Six doesn’t even know about it, Six Sierra. kills several of the K members, but Six learns why Carmichael wants to destroy Sierra. Since Sierra had all of Carmichael’s dark adventures, Carmichael hires a killer named Lloyd to kill Six, but Carmichael’s move to kill Six doesn’t work.


The Sierra team had a memory card that contained Carmichael’s all-black adventures, Carmichael wanted all the evidence to be in my hands, so Carmichael wanted to ruin the entire Sierra team.

But as soon as Six learns of Carmichael’s intentions, Six runs away with that memory card so that Carmichael cannot reach it, but Carmichael knew that the CIA would not be able to reach Six, so Carmichael resorted to a private killer, whose The name was Lloyd.

Lloyd upsets Six a lot and a fierce fight ensues which forces Lloyd to come to the fore, a good fight between the two, but Lloyd is caught by a member of the CIA who knew about Carmichael’s wrongdoings. She Shoots Lloyd and lays out the evidence.

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Eventually, Carmichael finds the memory card that contained all of his dark exploits, Carmichael breaks the memory card and frees Six, and there is a mutual agreement between all the members that no one will bother anyone. With this, the film ends.


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You will like this film full of action and drama, The Gray Man because action has been shown in the film from the very beginning and continuous action will be seen in the film, as well as the film will also create drama, so that you will also enjoy the suspense.

The Gray Man can do a little emotional but there is no romantic scene at all which shows the weakness of the film, it is also necessary to have the romance with action drama, only then the movie is considered a full package.

Despite watching The Gray Man in its entirety, you will feel that you have only seen half of the film because the character who has been made a villain is not punished and he succeeds in his wrongdoing completely safely, that is, The film fully supports evil deeds. I liked The Gray Man and would like you to see it too.

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