Netflix Persuasion ending explain: movie review & summary 2022


Release Date – July 15, 2022

⭐⭐⭐ – 4.9/10

Director – Carrie Cracknell


  • Dakota Johnson (Anne Elliot)
  • Cosmo Jarvis (Wentworth)
  • Richard E. Grant (Sir Walter Elliot)
  • Yolanda Kettle (Elizabeth Elliot)
  • Jordan Long (Debt Collector)
  • Simon Paisley Day (Mr Shepherd)
  • Nikki Amuka – Bird (Lady Russell)
  • Lydia Rose Bewley (Penelope Clay)

Story Line

The story of Persuasion depicts two partings, initially a man named Wentworth who was in love with Anne, a girl from the royal family, both of whom wanted to marry each other, but Wentworth was not that kind. So the royal family considered it an insult to marry Wentworth, the royal family banishes Wentworth and does not allow the marriage, but Wentworth joins a military army after 8 years and he becomes so capable that the royal family and life reunites him with his love.


At the end of Persuasion, Wentworth and Anne reunite but both take a long time to understand each other, because both thought that he might have forgotten, but both internally wanted to see each other. Carry on the same love once again, but in the midst of it a girl named Louisa who was Anne’s friend, Louisa falls in love with Wentworth and talks to Wentworth about marriage, upon which Anne Wentworth and Also distance.

But once Louisa jumps over Wentworth from a large cliff and asks to catch Wentworth, but Wentworth fails and Louisa is heavily injured, causing Louisa to lose confidence in Wentworth and she Looks like we might not be good partners, so Louisa refuses to marry Wentworth, but still Wentworth and Anne’s distance was not going away, Wentworth had to go out for his duty so he was at a table Writes a letter to Anne and leaves.

As Anne reads the letter, she learns that Wentworth is still in love with him, and life might not be as easy without him, so Anne follows Wentworth and agrees to marry him. With this, the film ends.


Persuasion is a drama romantic film but this film is played on the screen at a very slow pace due to which people will feel boring, and this film is only for those people who are currently involved in love.

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When a person remembers his partner in loneliness, how he feels, this film tells very well, but Persuasion film is not suitable at all for those who watch a comedy with action and drama, Persuasion movie gives them a lot For those who have come to see something mysterious or exciting in the film, this film as a whole will prove to be trouble.