The Wrath of God

The Wrath of God ending explain: review 2022

The Wrath of God

Release Date – 15 June 2022

⭐⭐⭐ – 5.4/10

Director – Sebastián Schindel


  • Macarena Achaga (Luciana B)
  • Mónica Antonópulos (Mercedes)
  • Diego Peretti (Kloster)
  • Juan Minujín (Esteban Rey)
  • Romina Pinto (Madre)

Story Line

The Wrath of God film is about a famous writer Kloster and his assistant Luciana.

Kloster was about 50 years old and Luciana was still a young girl close to 22, one day Kloster kisses Luciana, which makes Luciana angry and leaves work, but Luciana has a good relationship with Kloster’s wife and their baby.

Luciana under pressure from her family members sues Kloster, to which Kloster gives her the amount so that she does not sue and spoil her name, but after a few days, Luciana realizes this. That she didn’t do well by taking money from Kloster so she makes an apology and sends it to Kloster’s house as well as returns the check.

But that letter is not received by Kloster, but by his wife, due to which Kloster’s wife falls into depression and herself dies after killing her child, Kloster is very sad about this and wants to avenge his family.

In one turn kills all the members of Luciana’s family. But Kloster works so cleanly that he can’t be accused of any kind, Kloster was a man of money, so the police were not able to put much pressure on him, but Luciana knew that behind all this Nowhere is Kloster’s hand.

Ending explain

At the end of the movie Luciana and her sister are the only two left in the family, then Luciana goes to Kloster to save her sister and asks Kloster what do you want, don’t do anything to my sister, Kloster says It’s all in your hands, and Luciana jumps off the fourth floor and dies, after which Kloster marries Luciana’s sister, ending the film.


The Wrath of God is a drama crime revenge film and there will be a lot of suspense in this film, despite the crime and revenge in the film The Wrath of God, the action has not got any kind of place because the story of this film is very good. and is well demonstrated.

The Wrath of God movie sends a wrong message to society because a person has not been given the right to do justice himself, he should take recourse to the law, and not kill people for his revenge. and till the end, there is no action of any kind on that person, and he lives a luxurious life despite being a criminal, so I would not recommend you at all to watch this film, if you want to see this film If so, never follow the story of this film in your life.

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