The Man from Toronto

The Man from Toronto ending: story line & review 2022

The man from Toronto

Release Date – 24 June 2022

⭐⭐⭐ – 5.1/10

Director – Patrick Hughes


  • Kevin Hart (Teddy)
  • Woody Harrelson (The Man from Toronto)
  • Jasmine Mathews (Lori)
  • Kaley Cuoco (Anne)
  • Pierson Fode (The Man from Miami)
  • Ellen Barkin (The Handler)
  • Jencarlos Canela (Agent Santoro)


The man from Toronto is a contract killer who specializes in scaring people and spreading the truth, but the truth is that no one has ever seen him the man from Toronto who the world thought was a common man, And taking advantage of this, The man from Toronto used to carry out his works, but in the end, because of the same person, The man from Toronto becomes a good person.

Ending Explanation

In the final part of the film, in which The Handler offers The man from Toronto a contract, but when The man from Toronto succeeds, The Handler thinks it is better to have him killed than to pay The man from Toronto. Well, from The man from Miami and I’ll save my money and get the job done.

The man from Toronto and Teddy together do not allow The Handler’s plan to succeed, and together they snatch all the money, throwing The Handler into the burning furnace of a factory, killing him.

The man from Toronto was a tough-hearted person, he did not love anyone and he did not shy away from killing anyone, but Teddy whom the world thought The man from Toronto was a very intelligent person but the humanity inside Teddy The man from Toronto falls in love with Anne when Teddy and The man from Toronto spend some time together and Teddy introduces his friend Anne to The man from Toronto.

The man from Toronto had already promised Teddy that this is his last contract and as soon as he gets his money he opens the hotel and starts his life anew.


The man from Toronto is an action drama film. The comedy will be seen at the beginning of this film and action in the middle, but in the end, the film will be very simple, because the end of this film is very calm, nothing remains like this So that people can take some memories home, due to being too simple, the fun of the film becomes completely useless.

The man from Toronto also teaches you many lessons, like you should be more important in life happiness than money, secondly money earned from wrong things can never be successful if you want to be successful in your life. So for that, you have to work hard, the last 10 minutes of The man from Toronto will be a very light film but 1 hour 40 minutes is a great film and it should be seen.

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