The Assistance

The Assistance movie review & film summary 2022

The Assistance

Release Date – 19 May 2022

⭐⭐⭐ – 5.2/10

Director – Adrian Teh


  • Iedil Dzuhrie Alaudin (Zafik)
  • Hairul Azreen (Feroz)
  • Kin Wah Chew (Kuan)
  • Henley Hii (Dato Sam Lee)
  • Farali Khan
  • Chacko Vadaketh (Terence Stanton)


In The Assistance, two friends are shown, both Zafik and Sam were people of different thinking, Zafik did not want to earn money from wrong deeds but Sam wanted to earn money from wrong deeds due to a lack of coordination between the two. become enemies of each other, and in the end, the truth prevails but at first, Zafik has to face a lot of trouble.

Story Line

The Assistance starts from the prison where Zafik was a prisoner, Zafik leaves from there and comes back to his house then his house was turned into ruin and there were some pictures of him lying there then seeing them starts crying and goes to a friend.

Zafik goes to his old friend Sam, Sam had become a big man because he used to work as a drug smuggler and he earned a lot of money, but Zafik hated all these things because he can’t make money from such things Wanted that someone’s life would be in danger.

But Zafik did not have any money, so he is forced to start working under his friend Sam, Zafik is given the job of collecting money, but Zafik collects money wherever he goes. Asked because someone had killed his wife and children, Sam always used to say the same thing to Zafik, Sam used to say you forget your wife and child and start your new life, Sam did not want him to He kept a close eye on Zafik as he finds the culprit behind the wife and children’s.

One day Zafik met a man named Feroz on the side of the road, Feroz was a person who was visible only to Zafik and no one else, and Feroz used to fight inside Zafik’s body and also from outside. Used to fight, but people did not see it at all, Feroz tells Zafik I understand the feelings inside you, you are a good person but there should also be a bad person inside you, who wants to live with his wife and children. You should avenge his death, in which I will help you.

Feroz takes turns collecting evidence and slowly reaches out to the many perpetrators who had plotted to kill Zafik wife and children and kill everyone but it was only Zafik who knew it all worked. Feroz does, but those who check in the CCTV camera think that this work is done by Zafik.

These were two forms of the same person, Zafik was a good person but there was also a devil hidden inside him which was Feroz, and he murders people in turn and finally, he finds the murderer of his wife and child, the one who killed his wife and kids was none other than his friend Sam, the smuggler whose business Sam ran, said that Zafik is an honest person and he can tell anyone about me, so you can tell Zafik Kill it.

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But Sam devised a different plan, Sam liked Zafik’s wife. He thought it was better to kill Zafik than to have Zafik jailed for drug smuggling, and then have a physical relationship with Zafik’s wife.

but when Sam goes to Zafik’s wife, she was not ready for it, on which Sam gets angry and kills Zafik child and wife. In the end, Sam himself confesses that he killed Zafik wife and child, and Feroz, the devil inside Zafik, wakes up, Feroz kills Sam inside his office and Feroz kills the smuggler as well. He gives Sam the order to kill Zafik and Feroz takes control of his entire business, and with this, the film ends.


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The Assistance is an action drama film, in which action, as well as crime story, will be seen, although this film can also confuse you in the middle, because the characters of Zafik and Feroz have not been explained properly in the films, due to which the viewers will get a lot of attention. There may be trouble or they may not understand the ending film.

The characters of the film are not presented properly, which character is made for what, but this film was not presented properly, perhaps due to this the film does not get the priority as it should have, The Assistance It is an average film and I would not recommend that you watch this film, although the story of this film is good it will confuse you in watching.