Metal Lords

Metal Lords Netflix movie review & summary 2022

Metal Lords

Release Date – 8 April 2022

⭐⭐⭐ – 6.2/10

Director – Peter Sollett


  • Jaeden Martell (Kevin)
  • Adrian Greensmith (Hunter)
  • Isis Hainsworth (Emily)
  • Noah Urrea (Clay)
  • Brett Gelman (Dr Sylvester)
  • Anales Fisher (Kendall)
  • Michelle Mao Phelan Davis (Skip)
  • Austin Huynh (Tim)
  • Joe Manganiello (Dr Troy Nix)


In Metal Lords, two friends work together to form Metal Band, but they need another partner, whom they fail to find and eventually resort to a girl, but they all have differences, due to which they become Battel of the They do not win the first title of the bands.

Story Line

Metal Lords begins with 2 high school kids named Hunter and Kevin, both Kevin and Hunter are good friends, Hunter dreamed of winning the Battle of the bands in school, but he only had his One partner was Kevin and the rest of the schoolboys hated him, so he was unable to find a good partner.

Kevin was a drummer and he plays the drums very well, Kevin falls in love with schoolgirl Emily, tells Kevin Hunter that he can make her our partner, which will make it easier for us to win the Battle of the bands, But Hunter was a bit obstinate, he does not listen to Kevin and Hunter abuses Kevin and drives him away, Hunter says if we want to win the Battle of the bands then we don’t need any girl and you will not make a girlfriend.

Hunter goes to Emily and tells her the truth, due to which there is a rift between the three Hunter Emily and Kevin, Kevin is a good drummer so joins the other group participating in Battel of the bands Due to which Hunter gets very depressed and he starts fighting with people.

Hunter’s dead are fed up with Hunter so send him to the repair centre but Kevin doesn’t know this, when competition day comes, Kevin thinks maybe we can start working with Hunter again Because Hunter had a dream of winning the Battle of the bands, Kevin calls Hunter and finds out that Hunter is in a correctional centre, which is very difficult to get out of.

Did they actually play in metal lords?

Why is metal lords rated R?

Who plays Kevin in metal Lords?

Who plays the doctor in metal lords?

Kevin arrives at the correctional centre and takes Hunter out of the way back and begins to prepare for the competition, but when Hunter goes to the correctional centre he also realizes that he misbehaved with Kevin and Emily. And he shouldn’t have done this, Hunter apologizes to everyone and they all get together, after which he gives a great performance in Battel of the bands, and he gets the second price, due to which Hunter’s dad is also quite are happy and give him complete freedom to work and with this, the film ends.


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Metal Lords is a comedy-drama musical film, which shows the passion to work and at the same time, it is shown that the person who does not belong to you doesn’t need to want your bad, maybe his nature is like this, this film explains. How to accept each other.

Light comedy is shown in Metal Lords, but you will not be bored while watching this film because the film is displayed in such a way that the audience will be interested, I watched Metal Lords completely and I love this film You also watch this movie.

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