The Ambush

The Ambush movie review & film summary 2022

The Ambush

Release Date – 25 Nov 2021

⭐⭐⭐ – 6.3/10

Director – Pierre Morel


  • Omar Bin Haider (Ali Al-Ali)
  • Marwan Abdullah (Ali Al-mismari)
  • Mohammed Ahmed (Sergeant Al Hindasi)
  • Mansoor Al-Fili (Colonel (Mansoor Alfeeli)
  • Khalifa Albahri (Al Sayari (as Khalifa Albhri)
  • Ghanim Nasser (Opposition Leader)


The Ambush shows the mission accomplished by the Emirati soldiers, 3 Emirati soldiers fall prey to the militants while on their patrol to save them some more soldiers fight with those militants and help to save their comrades.

Story Line

The Ambush begins with the Emirati soldiers getting ready to patrol, each carrying 3 soldiers in an armoured vehicle, a vehicle in which Ali, Bilal and Hindasi are three men on patrol as per their daily schedule. Turns out, during patrolling, he was talking about his family members that if peace prevails, we will go to our homes.

But suddenly his car starts getting attacked, as soon as his car reaches the middle of the hill, the militants start attacking his vehicle continuously, due to which Hindasi gets shot in the neck and Bilal gets shot in the leg. She goes.

The signal was not coming at that place, so he was unable to forget his companions by calling, but after waiting for a few hours, the network starts coming on the mobile and Bilal puts the phone and informs his camp that the attack on him. Has happened.

The colonel sends two vehicles to save them, in which there were two soldiers, but there was so much indiscriminate firing that as soon as two vehicles reach they are also turned over and firing starts on them, and many more. The soldiers are injured, then again in the camp, it is reported that all three vehicles are now stuck and many soldiers have been injured.

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When seen from the drone, it is revealed that there are a lot of militants there so the upper officer orders the colonel to release the people who are trapped and now no one will go there, but the colonel says that they are all our companions. And they are still waiting on our expectations, they think we will come, so we are going with our entire forces and the colonel leaves with his 10-12 vehicles.

The colonel makes a good strategy and starts playing his friends alternately and indiscriminately firing on the militants, the colonel due to his plan also starts an airstrike from above and takes all his comrades from there. escapes, but a man named Ali is killed in it, after which the colonel orders the Air Force to conduct a horrific bombing of the hill, killing all the militants and with this, the film ends.


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The Ambush is a real story based film in which a good combination of action and adventure has been shown, the first few minutes of The Ambush may not make sense to you, but for half an hour, the film will be quite interesting and the film will be fun to watch, even You will forget the time and get completely lost in the film as the film is full of action and adventure.

The Ambush will also make you very emotional as the plight of the soldiers is depicted in this film, they die remembering their family and their family waits in the hope of their coming back, the reason why The Ambush will make you feel special is That anyone living in any country loves his army very much and it will make you feel belonging, I saw The Ambush completely and I liked it very much, I would like you to watch this movie.