Trust No One

Trust No One ending explained: movie review & summary 2022

Trust No One

Release Date – 30 March 2022

⭐⭐⭐ – 5.7/10

Director – Luke Sewell


Trust No One depicts cryptocurrency fraud, it shows how people lose everything to earn more money from cryptocurrency and live a more comfortable life with their money.

Story Line

Trust No One is a real crime biography in which victims of fraud are interviewed and their full story is shown in the film, the film begins with a man named Gerry Cotten, in 2008 when Krypto started his career. There was a lot of discussion in Canada when it was in its early stages, and meanwhile, Gerry Cotten creates a Telegram group on which many people together talk about investing in cryptocurrency.

As the rate of cryptocurrency increases, then all the people of the group together make a plan that we will open a crypto company and add more people with us and make a huge exchange of the world, which will benefit all of us, Gerry Many more people join with Cotten and create a website named QuadrigaCX and whose owner was Gerry Cotten himself and all the passwords of that website were with Gerry Cotten.

QuadrigaCX website becomes famous very soon and people start connecting with it, by the year 2014 there is a big jump in the price of bitcoin which gives a lot of profit to the company, QuadrigaCX had some partners but they got nothing Address he was given a minor job.

People invest up to two and a half hundred million in QuadrigaCX and Gerry Cotten considers it as his piggy bank and starts spending it whenever he wants, he relaxes and roams around the world as well as gambles and the whole two hundred and fifty million Ruins, Gerry Cotten thinks that the rate of bitcoin will keep increasing and people keep pouring money, thinking that no one will ask for money back from him, he spends all the money.

But when Japan and many countries with it ban cryptocurrency, then suddenly there is a fall in the rate of cryptocurrency, due to which people who had put money in QuadrigaCX try to withdraw their money, but then the money does not come out, all Money gets blocked and either some people’s money starts showing in processing, there is panic among people, many people tell media and police complain then investigation of QuadrigaCX is started.

Is trust no one a true story?

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When both the media and the police find out together, it is found that Gerry Cotten has died in India, Gerry Cotten had come to visit Jaipur but he suddenly gets a heart attack and he dies, then the police suspect goes to his wife.

Police interrogate and investigate Gerry Cotten’s wife but Gerry Cotten’s wife said that she does not know anything about that site and I do not know the password of that website, all the passwords with the death of Gerry Cotten But when the case reaches the Canadian Investigation Bureau, he begins an investigation into the bank, which reveals that Gerry Cotten lost the entire 2.5 million gambling and lost money to the people.


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Trust No One is a real crime based biography film that is based on cryptocurrency, the truth of cryptocurrency has been shown clearly, how can a currency which has no basis be trusted? And in such a place you can be a victim of fraud at any time, Trust No One shows the bitter truth of cryptocurrency and it is happening in present also and millions of such people have been cheated through cryptocurrency.

The best thing about Trust No One is that this film has been associated with the people with whom this incident happened and I want this film to be seen by everyone, especially those who blindly trust cryptocurrency, Trust No One I liked it a lot and I would definitely like you to watch this movie so that you also do not become a victim of such fraud, Trust No One gives a good lesson and spreads awareness about the frauds going on in the present world.

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