Rescued by Ruby

Netflix, Rescued by Ruby movie review & film summary 2022

Rescued by Ruby

Release Date – 17 March 2022

⭐⭐⭐ – 6.4/10

Director – Katt Shea


  • Grant Gustin (Dan)
  • Scott Wolf (Matt Zarrella)
  • Kaylah Zander (Melissa)
  • Camille Sullivan (Pat Inman)
  • Tom McBeath (Seamus Brady)
  • Sharon Taylor (Sam)


In Rescued by Ruby, a state soldier named Dan wanted to join the K-9 group, but Dan needed a German shepherd dog, but Dan bought a dog from a dog shop and trained and produced the best performance, a dog from the movie Rescued by Ruby. and shows the love between its owner.

Story Line

Rescued by Ruby starts with a dog shop where there were a lot of dogs, some people take a puppy named Ruby to their house but leave it back in a few days because she was very upset, Ruby loves that Was unable to find it, who used to meet Inman, the lady who took care of the shop, so Ruby used to run again and again to the same shop.

The shop owner orders Inman that we will kill him by injecting him then Inman says that sir we should give last chance to Ruby, then there comes a person named Dan, Dan used to work in State Police and K-9 Wanted to join the group, to join the K-9 group, you need a trained dog who can help you with the investigation.

But Dan did not have enough money to buy a trained German Shepherd because they are very expensive so Dan went to a dog shop to find a dog.

Dan was desperate to be a part of the K-9 group because the only way to improve life was to train Dan Ruby to be capable enough to join the K-9 group, but it wasn’t that easy.

Initially Ruby bothers Dan and his family a lot, at first Dan’s wife is very angry with Dan and was not ready to accept Ruby, but Dan’s last hope was Ruby so Dan kept working hard on her To train Ruby, Dan slept with her outside the house, taught her one thing at a time, and slowly Ruby found the love that Inman had.

When Ruby auditions for the first time in the K-9 group, she fails after that Dan works harder and takes her for re-audition which Ruby passes and Ruby can solve many cases of Dan. She plays her role.

Is rescued by Ruby a true story?

What breed is Ruby In rescued by Ruby?

Where was rescued by Ruby filmed?

One day Dan receives news that a female child has been lost in the woods, several dogs try to find the boy but he is not found, after which Dan takes Ruby and Ruby finds her quickly. But the surprising thing is that it was the lady Inman who gave Ruby the last chance of not giving the injection, Inman saved Ruby’s life a few years back and after a few years,s Ruby saved her son and with that The film ends.


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Rescued by Ruby This is a real story based biography drama movie, after watching this film, I can not believe at all that it is a biography film, it seems that this film has been written like a script because such a feat in real life is very much. Rarely is seen, the film Rescued by Ruby will make you very emotional in the end and there will be a constant thrill in the film.

Rescued by Ruby shows the love between a dog and its owner, loving the street dog to a level that German Shepherds could not, whose only reason was the love given by its owner, in this, I watched the film completely and I liked the film very much and I would like you to see this film too.

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