The Adam Project

The Adam Project ending explained: film summary 2022

The Adam Project

Release Date – 11 March 2022

⭐⭐⭐ – 5.4/10

Director – Shawn Levy


  • Ryan Reynolds (Big Adam)
  • Walker Scobell (Young Adam)
  • Mark Ruffalo (Louis Reed)
  • Jennifer Garner (Ellie Reed)
  • Zoe Saldana (Laura)
  • Catherine Keener (Maya Sorian)
  • Alex Mallari Jr. (Christos)


In The Adam Project, Big Adam comes through time travel from his present to the past and destroys this project because of this project, that person has to face a lot of problems in the future and the creator of this project. His father was Louis.

Story Line

The Adam Project begins with a small child and his mother. There were only two people in the house. The child’s name was Adam and the mother’s name was Ellie, Adam’s father, Louis, is a scientist but he had died, Louis, He invented time travel in the year 2018 and he dies after a year and a half.

Young Adam and his mother both never agreed on anything, Young Adam was always angry with his mother and his mother also felt that maybe it takes out all his anger on me because of losing his father, There was no coordination at all between the two, but still, they were supportive of each other by staying in the same house.

One day Ellie goes on a date in the evening and the same night a jet arrives near Young Adam’s house and leaves Big Adam but Young Adam doesn’t recognize him, Big Adam tells old things and tells him that I am your future. I have come from time travel and I have come because I want to stop inventing time travel but I wanted to go in 2018 I have come here by mistake.

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But to stop Big Adam, he was being chased by a girl named Maya who was Adam’s dad’s partner, Maya initially invents time travel by supporting Adam’s dad and then used to miss him and Adam I used to bother with her a lot, so Adam wanted me to end this time travel before it could be invented.

Big Adam was shot, so he goes again in 2018 with the help of Young Adam and explains to his dad that if this happens, you will die in a year or two but I will regret it for the rest of my life because this time By using travel, Maya will always trouble me and Maya kills my wife too. With the help of this time travel, I want that I should not let it happen, I should destroy it so that there is no problem in my life.

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At first, Louis does not support Big Adam’s plan, he tries to stop it, but when both Big Adam and Young Adam start fighting together to stop the event, Louis also joins them and eventually they are all together. Arrive at the office where the invention was going on for time travel.

But after chasing them all, Maya also reaches there, there were two Maya one who came from 2050 and the other Maya who was at the time of invention and also two Adam were Young Adam and Big Adam, Maya shot Young Adam so that if Young Adam dies, all Adam will die, but as soon as Maya shoots, young Maya gets shot, which kills Maya and stops that invention together with Big Adam and Adam’s Dad And with this the film ends.


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The Adam Project is an action-adventure comedy film, the story of this film is very light, as well as the comedy and action in the film, is of average category. The Adam Project is such a film that you will not like to watch it more than once and neither is there any good memory with this movie that you can remember for a long time, I watched The Adam Project in detail but I do not see any lessons in the film, nor do I see any story that I would be interested in telling others, so I will put The Adam Project in the category of average film and I will not recommend you to watch it.

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