The Cursed

The Cursed ending explained: movie review & summary 2022

The Cursed

Release Date – 18 Feb 2022

⭐⭐⭐ – 4.3/10

Director – Sean Ellis


  • Boyd Holbrook (John McBride)
  • Kelly Reilly (Isabelle Laurent)
  • Alistair Petrie (Seamus Laurent)
  • Roxane Duran (Anais)
  • Nigel Betts (Alfred Moliere)
  • Stuart Bowman (Saul)
  • Simon Kunz (Mr Griffin)
  • Amelia Crouch (Charlotte)
  • Max Mackintosh (Edward)
  • Tommy Rodger (Timmy)


The cursed shows the 19th century in which King Seamus kills some gipsies and grabs their land and bury them in the ground but the king is cursed by the gipsies due to which the entire family of the king dies and the whole village suffers. lives and the whole village starts having a nightmare.

Story Line

The cursed begins with the king’s palace where the king was talking with some of his officers. The officials tell that some gipsies are staying on the land near our palace and they have made their home and want to leave that land. not ready for.

But the king did not approve of all this, he orders his servants to kill all the gipsies and bury them in the same ground, and the workers do the same, cut off the hands and feet of all the gipsies and bury them in the ground, but one of the gipsies There was a woman who was carrying a box in her hand and inside that box was a piece of tooth in silver colour and holding which she starts reciting some mantra.

The king’s officers bury that woman in the ground, but while burying that woman was saying that I am cursing you and you will be free from the curse only when you and your family are dead.

After some days all the children of that town used to have a dream in the night and it was seen in the dream that they have to go to the same land and make a pit, maybe they will get something there and this dream used to come to all the children of the town. , one day all the children gather which included both the king’s boy Edward and the girl Charlotte.

Timmy was the eldest of all the kids, Timmy was the servant’s boy who worked with the king, Timmy starts digging the ground and finds the box that had the silver tooth as soon as Timmy opens the box. If so, a ghostly movement happens inside him and Timmy puts the tooth in his mouth and bites Edward’s throat with the help of the same tooth.

But Edward, saving himself, runs back home and shows the doctor, the doctor explains that it is not a human but an animal bite, but it will get better soon, suddenly at night Edward disappears from the house. and does not come back for a long time.

The king calls for pathology to find his son, John, investigating john learns that Edward has just taken the form of an animal and the one he has bitten also turned into an animal, village All the people of the village are hidden in the church because the whole village was not free from danger.

Edward kills Timmy as well as injures his housekeeper, making her a beast. The people Edward used to hunt took the form of an animal, Those whom Edward hunted took the form of a beast, Charlotte finds a page on the church saying that the only way to destroy all that is silver teeth is by melting it into bullets. If given and that bullet is killed by putting it in the gun, then that animal can end.

John melts Silver’s teeth and puts them in his gun and shoots him as soon as Edward sees him, the king sets himself on fire because he was very sorry that the whole town had to suffer because of it. And his family members had to face so many problems to grab some land, so the king commits suicide and with this, the film ends.


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The cursed is a fantasy mystery horror film but nothing is perfect in it, the story of The cursed is good but this film was not presented well or the story was not used properly by the director.

The cursed is a horror film but you will not be scared, it is a mystery film but you will not be compelled to think and the fantasy of this film is also different which is complete nonsense, I saw The cursed film completely and this film gave me a lot Feeling bored, I would not recommend watching The Cursed.