The weekend away

The weekend away ending explained: movie summary 2022

The weekend away

Release Date – 3 March 2022

⭐⭐⭐ – 5.7/10

Director – Kim Farrant


  • Leighton Meester (Beth)
  • Christina Wolfe (Kate)
  • Ziad Bakri (Zain)
  • Luke Norris (Rob)
  • Amar Bukvic (Pavic)
  • Iva Mihalic (Kovac)
  • Adrian Pezdirc (Sebastian)
  • Marko Braic (Luka)


In the movie The Weekend Away, a girl named Beth goes to her friend Kate for the weekend for a week but she is murdered at the same time and Kate goes to the police on the suspicion of murder but Beth goes to the investigation to save herself. When she does, she learns a bitter truth that ruins her family life.

Story Line

The weekend away begins with the cab driver telling his story that he is from Syria because there is a war going on in Syria and the girl sitting behind him was named Beth, he went to his friend Kate to celebrate the weekend. Being taken, Beth reaches Kate’s house and the driver gives her a number to call if needed again, after that both Kate Beth start a party in the house.

Kate forcefully takes Beth to the club and Kate meets with two boys after which Kate brings those boys back home although Beth was drunk so she falls asleep early Kate has fun with both of them all night. Having fun, both the boys run away with Kate’s purse and phone on seeing the opportunity, Kate follows them and goes to the police station but Kate does not come back home.

The next morning when Beth wakes up, Kate is nowhere to be seen, Beth gets very upset, she calls her husband Rob and tells all the problems Beth and Rob were husband and wife but nothing good is going on between them. And they have a child, Beth helps the driver Zain find the boys who came to her house at night but he explains that they ran away with the purse, they didn’t kill Kate.

But Beth finds Kate’s mobile and purse, Beth goes to see Kate’s body, then steals open Kate’s mobile phone using facelock and sees Kate’s chat, then she comes to know that Rob’s affair is with Kate and the last time these two fought. But the police was going on a different mystery, the police arrest Beth because the police think that Beth himself is behind Kate’s death but Zain saves Beth because he was very smart, Zain saves him from the police.

Takes Beth and he knows Beth is not guilty. The owner of the house where Kate and Beth lived, had installed cameras all over the house but did not tell this anyone, but when Beth came to know, she quietly went to her room to check that camera and Beth sees in the camera that Kate was not killed by the two boys, but Kate is dropped by a policeman in the night, this policeman was the same person with whom Beth filed a report of Kate’s disappearance.

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Beth meets the senior officers and complains about the policeman, but the policeman dies in an accident and is told by the police that now the culprit is dead, so let’s close the case, Beth goes back to her house.

She is with her husband Rob, but as soon as Beth puts her hand in Rob’s coat, she finds a piece of Kate’s necklace from inside. Beth understands that it is not the policeman who killed Kate but my husband Rob, Beth immediately reports Rob to the police and the police come and arrest Rob and Beth takes her baby out of the house. And with this, the film ends.

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The Weekend Away crime drama is a film full of mystery while watching this film, many questions will run in your mind and you will get to see a lot of suspense, the acting is done by the actor in the film is probably not that good, so the feel is not able to connect among the audience. But if it was played in a better way, then this film could have been a super-duper hit.

The Weekend away story is made in such a way that the viewer will feel that the film is about to end but then a new drama starts and the film goes one step further which is a very good feature of this film, The Weekend away I liked it a lot and I would definitely like you to see this film too.

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