Against the Ice

Against the Ice ending explained: movie review & summary 2022

Against the Ice

Release Date – 2 March 2022

⭐⭐⭐ – 5.2/10

Director – Peter Flinth


  • Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Ejnar Mikkelsen)
  • Joe Cole (Iver Iversen)
  • Þorsteinn Bachmann (Amdrup)
  • Charles Dance (Neergaard)
  • Gísli rn Garðarsson (Jörgensen)
  • rni Lárusson (Minister’s Secretary)
  • Diarmaid Murtagh (Poulsen)
  • Sam Redford (Laub)
  • Heida Reed (Naja)


Against the Ice shows two explorers from 1909 who go to Peary Land Island in Greenland to find some documents to prove that Peary Land is part of Greenland at the time the United States is trying to take over Peary Land. These two explorers find the evidence but have to face a lot of trouble and perhaps they even lose their hope of returning home.

Story Line

Against the Ice begins with an icy island where about 10 to 15 Greenland officials were sent to bring evidence from Peary Land to prove that Peary Land is part of Greenland and not an independent island. On which the United States was trying to assert its rights. First of all, 5 people from that island move towards Peary Land and all the other friends wait for them on the other island, after about 6 months, 2 people come back and tell that the other 3 people died but we got some evidence.

So that we have to go again and find the evidence that has been hidden in Peary Land. Captain Mikkelsen, the captain of all those officers, plans to go to Peary Land again with Mikkelsen but no one was ready to go with him but there was a young boy Iversen in that team who had no experience at all in all these things, Iversen was a mechanic and he liked Mikkelsen very much because he always read about Mikkelsen in the newspapers.

Iversen agrees to move in with Mikkelsen. Mikkelsen and Iversen leave for Peary Land their sledge dog and they take their food and drink it takes them about 2 years to reach Peary Land because they have to find evidence that the people who came before them. hid it at that place.

Whenever a dog was tired, he was killed and fed to other dogs, and he used to carry some items for his food in a sledge dog, but while going to Mikkelsen, he told the rest that if we were to melt the snow.

If you don’t come before then you guys go back and it just happens that Mikkelsen and Iversen can’t come back before the snow melts and all their friends go back to their respective homes.

Mikkelsen finds evidence that proves that Peary Land is part of Greenland, but while coming back, Mikkelsen thinks that we may not reach our place, so he makes a stone can and hides that evidence again. starts coming back towards his destination.

Eventually, both of them come to the place from where they started their journey but they see that none of their friends is there, everyone has left leaving some food and drinks and the snow was picking up so much that he came back. Couldn’t go to Greenland, Mikkelsen waits in the same house for more than a whole year, Mikkelsen dreams that the evidence he hid in a stone can may not be harmed by bears so he goes back 200 miles goes back and brings that evidence.

After coming back, both of them were sitting again in the same house with the hope of someone coming But no one comes there by mistake and it has been more than 800 days for them to live in that place but no one comes to help them.

Some of his companions wanted to come on his search but the government refuses them, the government says that we cannot afford so much money now to find them. But a few years later a friend of Mikkelsen who was part of the same group brings a ship at his own expense to find Mikkelsen and takes Mikkelsen and Iversen back to Greenland and finally the United States agrees to Peary Land.

It is part of Greenland and in the end, the government lie that the government tried hard to save these two and spent a lot of money, then these two explorers came back and are the film ends.


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Against the Ice Based on True Story Historical Drama and Adventure Movie, This film is from the true story so I don’t think much tampering has been done in this film, because the film is shown in the same way which is neither exciting nor Boring.

Against the Ice, the film will feel a bit emotional in the end and this film depicts patriotism who risks his life to work for the country, Against the Ice is an average film so I will not recommend it to watch.

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