City of vultures 2

City of Vultures 2 ending explained: review & summary 2022

City of Vultures 2

Release Date – 1 Feb 2022

⭐⭐⭐ – 3.8/10

Director – Marcus Carothers


  • Marcus Carothers (G)
  • Steve Pavlik (Detective Chavers)
  • Kendrick Holmes (Money)
  • Harper Anthony (Maliq)
  • Julian T. Allen (Blaze)
  • Zamien ‘Az-Is’ Shearer (Juice)
  • Brian Space (Bee)


The story of City of Vultures 2 shows the shoddy form of Chicago city gangsters who do illegal things and there are groups of gangsters who clash and kill each other, they can kill anyone For its own sake, the film depicts the horrific form of a gangster.

Story Line

City of Vultures 2 begins with indiscriminate firing and many people are killed in it and some gangsters fill three bags of money and go to their base in their car and distribute all the money there, in that group more than 10 about There were people whom a person named G used to control.

G was a very old gangster and he used to find new boys and join his group and kill them himself after taking work out them, G had a 12-year-old son and his wife too, G always gave them this work Because he loved his family very much but he did not think about the family of others at all.

G snatches the money of other gangster groups and distributes it among his comrades so that the boys of other gangster groups find all the tricks to kill G but killing G was not so easy and tried, again and again, to kill G throughout the movie But G always escapes, sometimes the police also call G’s wife and children to the police station for interrogation, but G also escapes from there.

G’s wife was very tired of G’s work, she says that now I will not be able to support you, I will not be able to live in this closed house and G knew that if my wife leaves me outside the house then I won’t be able to live long because with his help people will kill me so G finally shifts out of Chicago city with his wife and kids, G says I can’t quite work but I will give you complete freedom Will give and with this, the film ends.


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City of Vultures 2 is an action, crime film, but this film promotes crime because the gangsters of this film are never caught so this film shows that even after committing a crime, punishment can be avoided, which is not right. Yes, the story of City of Vultures 2 is very poor, there is no logic in the film, only bullets will be fired and people will be seen dying, so there is no point in watching this film, I saw City of Vultures 2 completely and this I found the film absolutely rubbish, I would not suggest watching this film at all.

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