The Ledge

The Ledge ending explained: movie review & summary 2022

The Ledge

Release Date – 18 February 2022

⭐⭐⭐ – 5.8/10

Director – Howard J. Ford


  • Brittany Ashworth (Kelly)
  • Anaïs Parello (Sophie)
  • Ben Lamb (Joshua)
  • Nathan Welsh (Reynolds)
  • Louis Boyer (Nathan)
  • David Wayman (Taylor)


The Ledge tells the story of climber Kelly who struggles several feet up a hill with four killers to bring justice to her friend Sophie.

Story Line

The Ledge starts at the bottom of the mountain where two friends Kelly and Sophie came to climb the cliffs, she was making her preparations when 4 college friend boys come there but they all want to climb the mountains. One of the boys, who had come to the place, not for a picnic, but Joshua invites Sophie to the evening party.

Sophie enjoys partying and having fun with new guys but Kelly doesn’t like it at all, Kelly and Sophie both arrive at the night party, talk for a long time after that Kelly comes back from there to camp But Sophie was partying with the four boys till late at night.

As soon as Sophia goes a little away from the boys to do the toilet, then Joshua also follows her and he starts forcing her. Sophie makes a lot of noise to which all the friends run and Reynolds forces Joshua Sophie to run away from them.

Joshua says that we must catch Sophie because if Sophie goes to the police, we will all be caught, so everyone starts looking for Sophie in that dense forest and Taylor finds Sophie, Sophie takes a bite in Taylor’s hand. causing a deep wound in Taylor’s hand, but Taylor does not let go of Sophie and holds Joshua.

Joshua pushes Sophie up the hill a few feet deep, Sophie is badly injured when she falls, Sophie was on the verge of death, Reynolds was very sad about all these things. He says we are going to take Sophie now We can also save Sophie, we take Sophie to the hospital but Joshua says if we do this, we will all be in jail because we all pushed it, we should kill Sophie with this life.

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Till late night when Sophie doesn’t come home, Kelly picks up her camera and goes to the party place to find Sophie but there is no one to be seen, on which Kelly goes to the forest to find Sophie, Kelly Seeing that the four friends together are throwing Sophie off the hill, Kelly records the whole scene in her camera but accidentally lets out a scream at which the four friends chase Kelly and try to catch her.

Kelly runs to her camp and from there starts climbing the hill with all her belongings because Kelly knew that Joshua and his friends could not climb the mountain because these people came here only for a picnic and one of them No one has the experience to climb the mountain, Kelly starts climbing the mountain because of running out.

The four friends make quick preparations and try to climb the steep hill, from which Taylor goes up some but as soon as Kelly reaches near Kelly pushes Taylor from above and falls Taylor’s leg. Taylor and Joshua had a fight before, so Joshua takes Taylor to the camp on the pretext of giving him a pain killer and kills him because they never got along.

Joshua tells his other two friends, Nathan and Reynolds, that we can’t follow Kelly by climbing so we go the other way up and sit down and wait for Kelly to have anything to eat and drink. No, it will not be able to survive for long, either it will go up or fall and die.

Joshua Nathan and Reynolds All three sit on the top of the peak and wait for Kelly As soon as Kelly reaches the end of the top of the peak, she learns that all three have reached Nathan Joshua and Reynolds, now she has no other option No, Kelly could neither go up nor down, she stops on the rock to stay on the same side of the hill and waits for them all to leave.

Joshua first sends Nathan down with the help of a rope so that Nathan kills Kelly with the camera, but Nathan does not succeed, Kelly injures Nathan with a sharp knife, leaving Nathan empty-handed again upstairs.

What happens at the end of the ledge?

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Joshua was a very bad person, he was not loyal to anyone, Joshua tells that I have shared a bed with Nathan’s girlfriend, which leads to a fight between Nathan and Joshua and in the middle of the night when Reynolds was sleeping. Joshua throws Nathan down the hill and tells Reynolds that Nathan was hurt so he has gone down the hill.

Joshua sends Reynolds down a second time but Reynolds was a nice guy he was doing all this unintentionally so Reynolds approaches Kelly and asks Kelly for the camera and tells Kelly I won’t kill you and goes upstairs I will tell Joshua that I killed Kelly, Reynolds goes back upstairs with the camera but Kelly takes out the memory card of that camera which makes Joshua angry at Reynolds and pushes him over.


At the end of the movie Joshua comes down the hill with the help of a rope to kill Kelly and there a good fight ensues between Joshua and Kelly on which Kelly cuts Joshua’s rope and Joshua dies after falling down the hill. After which Kelly starts descending from the top of the hill and with this, the film ends.


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The Ledge is a thriller film, except for the first few minutes of the film, the thriller sequence will continue in the film till the end, The Ledge film shows two forms of human living in the world in which one is risking his life to get justice for his friend. And on the other hand, the one who kills all his friends in turn to save himself, The Ledge will be interesting from beginning to end and will also give new lessons to the watchers of The Ledge.

The story of the film The Ledge is very short but the way the thriller is shown in the film doubles the enjoyment of the film as if there is no story in telling this film but it is a great experience to watch, if one of the criminals in The Ledge Had he been punished by the court, the popularity of the film could have increased further, it was a very good experience watching this film and I would like that you also see The Ledge movie.

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