Love and Leashes

Love and Leashes ending explained: movie review 2022

Love and Leashes

Release Date – Feb 11, 2022

⭐⭐⭐ – 5.2/10

Director – Hyeon-jin Park


  • Seohyun (Jung Ji-Woo)
  • Joon-Young Lee Kim Bo-ra (Hana)
  • Seo Hyeon-woo (Team Leader Hwang)
  • Lee El (Hye Mi)


In Love and Leashes, two co-workers prepare a contract to make love with each other and according to that both love each other in which love, pain and happiness were the synergies of all three, but while fulfilling this contract, they love each other. Love happens.

Story Line

Love and Leashes It starts with the office where a new assistant manager Ji-hoo comes and many workers used to work in that office in which one girl was Ji-Woo, all the girls in the office were smitten by the new assistant manager Ji-hoo Because he was so cute but Ji-hoo only liked Ji-Woo.

One day Ji-hoo parcel is found by Ji-Woo. In that parcel there was a belt worn around the neck which was related to sexuality, Ji-Woo thinks that Ji-Hoo is a thumping boy Ji-Woo from Ji-hoo She starts running away and Ji-hoo understands that this girl is thinking me to be a jerk, so to clear up Ji-Woo misunderstanding, she tells that I have ordered this for my dog.

Ji-Woo agrees and befriends Ji-hoo then Ji-hoo explains his problem, he tells that I am not stoked but I like BDSM, I want someone to be my master and rule me, I always want to be his slave, will you be my master in that, you dictate to me, I will obey everything you say and I like to do all this, on which Ji-Woo makes a contract with Ji-hoo that she, In any case, she will do what she likes, Ji-Woo will never share a bed with Ji-hoo and with a contract, the two start spending time with each other and fall in love with each other.

Whatever talks Ji-hoo and Ji-Woo used to do through voice chat, one day the voice chat gets saved on the office system and that voice chat is listened to by the whole office workers and both of them get a lot of respect from the boss of the company. One has to hear the mistake because if the voice chat was uploaded on the official site of the company, then there could have been a lot of trouble, due to which the bosses of the company have been expelling Ji-Woo and Ji-hoo from the company.


After leaving the company, both of them talk among themselves that we should not leave the work for which we get the pleasure, so we will continue it now, now there will be no contract between us, we will love each other without contract And soon both of them start liking each other very much and after a few days Ji-hoo proposes to Ji-Woo and both the girlfriends become boyfriends and with this, the film ends.


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Love and Leashes is a comedy-drama film, you will not be bored at all while watching the film because in this film light comedy will be seen all the time and there will be a lot of laughs, the story of Love and Leashes is neither very special nor very interesting so that we are quite Remember, for the time being.

Love and Leashes is an average film, which shows a different way of love, which may not be liked by everyone but there will be some people in the world who are related to it, I watched the movie Love and Leashes completely and The film is of average category, so I would not recommend watching this film at all.