Death on the Nile

Death on the Nile ending explained: movie review 2022

Death on the Nile

Release Date – 11 fab 2022

⭐⭐⭐ – 6.1/10

Director – Kenneth Branagh


  • Kenneth Branagh (Hercule Poirot)
  • Emma Mackey (Jacqueline)
  • Armie Hammer (Simon Doyle)
  • Gal Gadot (Linnet Ridgeway)
  • Tom Bateman (Bouc)
  • Annette Bening (Euphemia Bouc)
  • Ali Fazal (Katchadourian)
  • Letitia Wright (Rosalie Otterbourne)
  • Rose Leslie [(Louise Bourget)french maid]


In Death on the Nile, a close friend tries to rob Queen Linnet of money by trapping her in a love trap and is also put to death on the spot, but the plan fails. Because everyone gets caught in the investigation.

Story Line

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Death on the Nile begins in the year 1937 when a party was going on in a club where a girl named Jacqueline was dancing with her fiancée Simon, when Jacqueline’s friend Linnet arrives, introduces Linnet to Jacqueline Simon. and offers to dance, Linnet and Simon both start dancing and during the dance, Linnet falls in love with Simon.

The whole sentence was sitting there watching a detective who was very quick and smart, soon the preparations for Simon and Linnet’s wedding begin but Jacqueline was not at all happy with this, she always threatened him when She will kill Linnet whenever she gets a chance because Linnet has taken away her love.

Linnet had a good friend Bouc, Bouc introduces Detective to Linnet, Linnet explains that she is scared of everyone because she knows nothing about who loves her and who wants to cheat, Linnet gives the contract to Detective That you protect me and you try to save me from Jacqueline too and take Jacqueline away from me.

The detective talks to Jacqueline but Jacqueline does not agree, Jacqueline shows the gun to Detective and says that I have kept this gun only to kill Linnet and the day I get the right time I will kill Linnet because she took away my love And I can’t stay away from my love, Linnet and Simon both leave for honeymoon but no place seems safe so they book a big cruise that shows a famous place of Egypt by Nile River.

There were 30 to 40 people on that cross and all were Linnet’s acquaintances but Linnet didn’t trust any of them because Linnet had a lot of money and was always afraid that someone might kill her for money. Yes, Jacqueline was also in that group, whenever Linnet and Simon started romancing, Jacqueline would stand there and stare at them, which made them feel quite uncomfortable.

In the evening of the second day, as soon as Linnet separates from Simon and goes to sleep, Jacqueline shoots Simon. Simon is shot in the legs, after which there is a ruckus, Bouc goes to a room with Jacqueline, and gives him sleeping pills and everyone goes to sleep but the next morning Linnet’s manager reaches Linnet’s room and sees Linnet in the death bed, someone shot Linnet in the head.

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The detective advises everyone to be alert and tells that the culprit is on the cruise so everyone has to be alert to each other but every day a dead body was found. The next day Linnet’s manager is also killed and the next day he is questioned. During this Bouc is also shot but who was doing all this, no one could understand anything.

But Detective was very sharp-minded, so one day suddenly makes a plan at night and orders all the office workers of the cruise to close all the doors of the cross so that no one can run away from here and stand at the main gate with a gun himself. and begins to expose all the members living on that cruise, all hated each other and all were trying to kill each other.


Finally, Detective reveals that there is no one else to kill Linnet but her husband Simon and Jacqueline is the one who killed the other 2 people, both Jacqueline and Simon were working under a plan. Jacqueline deliberately gets Simon married to Linnet so that it is After some time we will kill Linnet and take possession of all the money.

Simon and Jacqueline’s plan As soon as everyone learns, Jacqueline shoots Simon along with herself and Cruise leaves a total of five dead bodies, all of which happened while Cruise was on the Nile River, as Cruise Arrived at the port, all the dead bodies are taken out and with this, the film ends.


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This film is based on the novel Death on the Nile. Death on the Nile movie is full of love romance drama and mystery while watching Death on the Nile you will not feel bored at all because the film will be interesting from the beginning, sometimes it will feel like what is happening in the film, But the interest will remain the same, the story of Death on the Nile is quite interesting, but if the duration of this film was reduced a little or the film would have been successful in wooing more people,

In Death on the Nile, a man has been trapped between two beautiful girls in such a way that the fun of watching the film has doubled, the film is very great and I liked it a lot but the rating of Death on the Nile is being lowered just because Because the duration of this film could have been reduced and some characters should have been worked with good actors, but I would definitely like you to watch this film.

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