The Privilege

‘The Privilege’ Netflix film summary & movie review 2022

The Privilege

Release Date – fab 9, 2022

⭐⭐⭐ – 5.9/10

Director – Katharina Schöde, Felix Fuchssteiner


  • Max Schimmelpfennig (Finn Bergmann)
  • Lea van Acken (Lena)
  • Tijan Marei (Samira Shirvani)
  • Milena Tscharntke (Sophie Bergmann)
  • Lise Risom Olsen (Yvonne Bergmann)
  • Roman Knizka (Martin Bergmann)
  • Horst Janson (Grandfather Bergmann)
  • Caroline Hartig (Anna)
  • Nadeshda Brennicke (Dr Steinke)


In the movie The Privilege, a young boy, Finn, along with some of his college mates, uncovers the dark exploits of a pharma company that was owned by Finn’s father, a pharma company using a fungus derived from a dead body to make medicine. Which was very dangerous for the people.

Story Line

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The Privilege movie starts with a house where there were 5 members of a family Mom dad and two sisters a brother, Mom dad starts going out somewhere and he tells his boy Finn to take care of his two sisters. Finn’s mom dad As soon as Finn’s mom dad goes out of the house Finn’s sister Anna starts behaving like crazy, she says we have to run away or else we will be killed here someone is following us and will kill us soon and Anna jumps off the running bridge, killing her.

Finn faces mental issues after seeing this accident Finn’s mom dad is very grateful because he has a pharma company, Finn’s mom dad appoint a doctor who always took care of Finn and gave him medicines but then Day by day, fear was increasing in his mind, he felt that someone is trying to kill him, there are some powers like ghosts around him.

But there was nothing like this with Finn’s sister Sophia, she was normal, when she breaks up with her boyfriend, she gives her boyfriend the same medicine that Finn used to eat and her boyfriend commits suicide, Finn finds out It is known that there is something wrong with this medicine, he reaches a scientist with fungal infection with that medicine.

Experts in fungal infection tell that this is a very dangerous fungus, it is born from a dead body, Finn sends his friend Lena to the lab of his dad’s pharma company so that from there Lena can find out why fungal should be put in medicine. is and how is it working.

Lena would stealthily reach the lab and when she saw it, her eyes were left open. All this was being done only so that one soul could be transferred to another body.

On the other hand, Finn’s girlfriend Samira gives Finn a resume that shows that Finn is an adopted child, no one knows who her real parents are, Finn gets know this as Finn gets hold of her mom and dad.


They take him to the basement and try to put his soul in a dead body and try to put the soul of that body in Finn’s young body. The transfer of two souls was taking place between Finn and his grandfather because Finn’s grandfather was dead but he was a very minded person so his parents wanted that Finn did not need us, anyway it was adopted Baby, let’s kill Finn and put Finn’s grandfather’s soul in this young body so that it can serve us for a longer period.

But Finn friend Lena comes at the right time and rescues Finn and takes them out but that ghost does not leave them, he also comes into their car and enters the body of Finn’s girlfriend Samira but that’s it. Finn and Lena don’t seem to notice.

Finn and Lena think that now we have lost our chase from the ghosts, Finn and Samira both start kissing each other and then hold hands and move forward but when Samira looks back, she knows from her eyes. It turns out that the ghost is inside Samira, which clearly shows that Part 2 of this film will come and with this, the film ends.


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The Privilege is a drama horror mystery movie and the combination of these three concepts has been shown very well in this film, the special thing about The Privilege is that after watching this film, a lot of new questions will arise in your mind, what Do pharma companies do this? Is this just a story or could it happen? And many more questions.

From which it is clear that the story of The Privilege is very powerful, people who do not believe in spirit and ghosts will find it rubbish, I have seen this film completely and am writing this review after considering it. I liked the film and I would definitely like you to watch this film.