Pleasure ending explained: movie review & summary 2021


Release Date – 8 Oct 2021

⭐⭐⭐ – 4.8/10

Director – Ninja Thyberg


  • Sofia Kappel (Bella)
  • Zelda Morrison (Joy)
  • Evelyn Claire (Ava)
  • Chris Cock (Bear)
  • Dana Dearmond (Ashley)
  • Kendra Spade (Kimberly)
  • Jason Toler (Mike)


The movie Pleasure depicts the struggle of a girl named Bella who wanted to become an star, for which Bella comes to Los Angeles but she soon learns that getting fame is not that easy, it takes a lot of hard work and a lot of effort. People’s support is needed, the entire film has been shown the struggle of becoming an star.

Story Line

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The movie Pleasure begins with a girl named Bella who comes to Los Angeles from Sweden to shoot an film, while on her way to Bella, she keeps in her heart that she will soon become an star and people will love her. And she will have a lot of name fame and she will become a superstar.

But everything was not happening at all according to Bella’s thinking, Bella had no experience of film shooting earlier, neither people were liking to see her.


she wanted to become a superstar, so she kept doing it, but there comes a time when Bella is mentally broken and she does not understand how she will be able to become the star because didn’t he get a good director who could make him successful.

But Bella learns that here the same girl can become a superstar who works with a director named Mark, Bella contacts Mark and convinces him and soon Mark joins her in his team. And Bella’s followers increases, but Bella’s team did not like her because many other girls with her did not want Bella to become a superstar, so all the girls keep Bella in trouble, The film ends with Bella’s Struggle Life.


Pleasure is a very simple film that has shown a some emotional scenes, Pleasure movie depicts the story of becoming an star which tells that becoming an star is not an easy thing as hard work. It takes more effort to become an star than it takes to succeed in common life, after watching this film it will seem that the film has not been completed, the story of the film will seem incomplete.

If a complete movie was made till Bela became a star, then a better film could have been made, the story of Pleasure film is very simple. Can join and like it, but the story of the film is not strong, I found this film average and I will not recommend watching it at all.

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