Home Team

Netflix, Home Team ending explained: movie review & summary 2022

Home Team

Release Date – 28 Jan 2022

⭐⭐⭐ – 5.4/10

Director – Daniel Kinnane, Charles Kinnane


  • Kevin James (Sean Payton)
  • Taylor Lautner (Troy Lambert)
  • Rob Schneider (Jamie)
  • Jackie Sandler (Beth)
  • Gary Valentine (Mitch Bizone)
  • Chloe Fineman (Intern Emily)
  • Tait Blum (Connor)
  • Maxwell Simkins (Paulie)
  • Jacob Perez (Marcos)
  • Bryant Tardy (Dennis)
  • Manny Magnus (Harlan)


Home Team film The story of Sean Payton, the head coach of the New Orleans Saints football team, Payton also won the Super Bowl Cup but he is suspended from the position of coach for a year because he is accused of paying money. He tried to injure the opposition players in that match, after which he turns to his son to support his team.

Story Line

The home team starts with winning the Super Bowl cup where everyone was celebrating, a few days later, the coach of that team, Payton is accused of distributing money to other players to injure his opposition players. Due to this, he is removed from the post of coach for one year.

Payton was divorced and his son who lived with his mom, Payton knew that his son also plays football, so Payton goes to him to support him, Payton sees his son in a game, then he is quiet Sadly, his team was playing the worst and always losing matches, never winning matches, at which point Payton starts giving them tips.

Payton was a star for the people there because the people there saw Payton only on TV, Payton was the head coach of an international team, the children there wanted Payton to coach their team while on vacation, Payton Promises that I will make you champions, so he becomes the support coach of the Pop Warner football team and starts training everyone.

Payton becoming the coach, that team starts improving and within six-seven months that team starts playing very well, although losing many matches in the middle also comes with an emotional scene, many news channels target Payton a lot.

They say that such a coach should not be made the coach of the international team at all, who is not able to win a cup too small children, there are also fights in the team.

Who is Sean Payton’s son?

Who plays Coach Mitch in home team?

Where did they film Home Team?

Is adam sandler in Home Team?

Is Home Team a real movie?

But finally one day Payton reaches the final of the champion trophy with that team and he also wins the champion trophy, after winning this trophy, he is called again to the international team and Payton keeps all the trophies kept in his office. Watches and puts at the fore the trophy that he won with his son, with this the film ends.


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Home Team is a real story based movie in which the romance of sports has been shown with light comedy and also highlighted the problems of the people associated with sports, it is an average film.

because the film has a combination of comedy romance and emotional scenes but There is nothing in the film due to which you can remember it for a long time, the story of Home Team is not very interesting but this film is not written by a scriptwriter but it is a real story based movie so it is a must-watch I liked Home Team a lot and I would definitely like you to see too.