Munich: The Edge of War

Netflix, Munich: The Edge of War movie ending explained: Review 2022

Munich: The Edge of War

Release Date – 21 Jan 2022

⭐⭐⭐ – 6.2/10

Director – Christian Schwochow


  • Liv Lisa Fries (Lenya)
  • George MacKay (Hugh Legat)
  • Jannis Niewöhner (Paul von Hartman)
  • Paul-Ernest Flanagan (Foreman Frank)
  • Nick Wymer (Maitre D’)
  • Jessica Brown Findlay (Pamela Legat)
  • Raphael Sowole (Cecil Syers)
  • Mark Lewis Jones (Sir Osmund Cleverly)


Munich: The Edge of War shows the agreement between Britain and Germany in Munich, as well as the story of two Oxford classmates who were studying together but both, had their own in different governments. play his role.

Story Line

Munich: The Edge of War begins with the Farewell Party of Oxford University where three friends were partying among themselves, two of whom were from Germany and one was a citizen of Britain, the British man’s name was Legat and Germany Boy Hartman and German The girl was Lenya.

Legat goes to visit Germany with his friend but there was an election environment at that time due to which Hitler was being supported a lot, on which Legat does not support Hitler, Legat tells that Hitler is a dictator and his victory is for many countries.

There will be trouble for which Hartman gets furious, he says that Hitler is Germany’s honour and I support Hitler and both get angry with each other due to political differences.

A few years later, Legat becomes an assistant to the prime minister in the British government and Hartman becomes an assistant to Hitler’s translator, but Hartman was working with a military group that did not like Hitler because they knew Hitler.

He has come to this earth as a devil for humans, he is doing good for Germany but he has forgotten humanity, Hitler used to say clearly that I can go to any extent for Germany and help countless people I can kill In no time, Germany prepares to attack France, but Britain was not ready for this war because Britain had an agreement with France, if any country attacks France, Britain will help it to save it.

For which Britain was afraid that if we had to go against Germany, then there would be a very terrible war that could not be imagined, so the British Government was trying as much as possible to prevent Hitler from fighting.

One of his teams, accompanied by the Prime Minister from Britain, leaves for Germany to talk to Hitler to stop the war in which Legat himself was present, on the other hand, Hartman finds a document from the German government which clearly states that In some time Germany will attack Britain and try to capture the whole of Britain.

Munich: The Edge of War
munich: the edge of war

When there is an agreement with Hitler and the British PM in Munich, it was written on it that Germany will never attack Britain for the land dispute, because the state which Germany was asking for, the British government gave that state to Germany.

The battle was over by handing over to him, which Hitler had agreed to and signed. Hartman once again meets Legat and requests that you please have a personal meeting with your Prime Minister, Hartman shows the whole document to the British PM and tells that Germany will attack Britain even after this agreement but Britain The PM was not ready to accept that and he drives her away.

Hartman takes Legat to a house where Lenya fell ill, Lenya was punished because she was Jewish, Hartman explains that Hitler is so dictatorial that he did this to Lenya if he could. He will do the same with Britain. Legat, knowing everything, is unable to convince the British Prime Minister that Hitler is not trustworthy and everyone returns, but Hartman makes a different plan to kill Hitler.

Hartman goes to Hitler alone in the room but Hitler Sees him sweat, Hartman had a gun in his hand, yet he could not kill Hitler and came back and started crying to his girlfriend that he had a wonderful opportunity to kill Hitler.

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When the British PM reaches Britain, he is applauded, people cheer him but Legat knew that Hitler would not stop, Hitler would attack again after a year, so Legat leaves the job of Government Officer and joins the Air Force.

Because he was a true patriot, he knew that later I have to be useful for the country, so he also tells his family that soon Hitler will attack, so I am joining the Airforce and will protect my country. By the end of the same year, Hitler attacks Britain again, the current PM of Britain resigns and soon he dies and this war is known as World War Two, with this the film end.


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Munich: The Edge of War is a drama biography and historical film that shows the agreement between Britain and Germany during World War II, the film is made in a very spectacular way, the story of this film has been made so dramatic that The whole focus will be on watching the film, you will not know that the 2-hour film is over because the film has been kept creating a lot of hype.

Talking about the characters of Munich: The Edge of War, the characters have been selected very brilliantly and they have played their character, just as Hitler’s dream is shown in history books, just in a very spectacular way in this film.

Munich: The Edge of War, the film will look very interesting even without action romance and many people will be able to connect themselves with history or if they say to understand the problems of history, I like the way the film is displayed. Come on and I’d like you to see it.

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