The Royal Treatment

The Royal Treatment ending explained: movie review & summary 2022

The Royal Treatment

Release Date – 20 Jan 2022

⭐⭐⭐ – 4.8/10

Director – Rick Jacobson


  • Mena Massoud (Prince Thomas)
  • Laura Marano (Isabella)
  • Amanda Billing (Valentina)
  • Chelsie Preston Crayford (Destiny)
  • Cameron Rhodes (Walter)
  • Phoenix Connolly (Lauren LaMott)


The Royal Treatment depicts the love story of Isabella and Prince Thomas, although Isabella is a hairdresser who goes to change Prince’s hairstyle Prince falls in love with her and the whole story is based on this love story.

Story Line

The Royal Treatment begins with a parlour in Paris where the mistress was a girl named Isabella, her friends and family members worked with Isabella, she was a helpful girl, she helped everyone and almost earned money for the children.

I used to spend One day she accidentally gets a call from Prince Thomas’s assistant Walter and he tells her that Prince has to get his hair cut, Isabella comes to Prince to have his hair cut, Prince has a pot fall from a waiter which causes him to get his hair cut.

But his assistants get furious but Prince Thomas doesn’t say anything on which Isabella gets annoyed she says I can’t do haircut at all for a prince who doesn’t have love towards people, Isabella leaves from there angry.

But this thing is very good for the prince because the prince feels that he needs someone to guide him, here everyone respects me, even if I do something wrong, he does not speak, I need a person who will take care of my mistakes.

He follows Isabella’s parlour to tell me if I’m wrong or right. Prince Thomas apologizes to Isabella and says you please cut my hair and I am going to get married soon, I will call you for a haircut there too, Isabella gets happy and cuts Prince’s hair and Soon his call comes.

Prince Thomas was getting married to a girl whom he did not know much, which he was unhappy with, and at the same time the girl who married him also said that I do not know Prince Thomas, so I would not want to marry, But this deal was done between the parents of both because this marriage was being done as a land deal, not just a marriage because Prince Thomas’s father had become a pauper. If I do, I will get a lot of money.

Prince Thomas wanted to live the life of a common man, which was possible with Isabella because he did not want to live like a prince, he wanted to work amid people and Isabella used to take them with him on the local street and help poor children.

She used to spend time together, due to which Prince Thomas falls in love with Isabella, but Prince Thomas is unable to tell, but the Queen comes to know about this, the Queen drives Isabella out of that kingdom.

But when Prince Thomas comes to know about this, he goes to his dad and he says that he will reject the whole empire for Isabella, he loves her and wants to marry the one whom all Prince Thomas K agrees to this decision and Prince Thomas returns to Paris from Lavonia to convince Isabella and proposes to Isabella and the two of them go for a walk, and with this, the film ends.

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The Royal Treatment is a light drama-comedy film in which nothing extraordinary will be seen, the film shows a simple love story in which there is no place for romance while watching the film you will have a slight smile on your face but neither You will not laugh openly and will not be emotional, because this film is very simple, I saw this film completely and I liked it a bit, but I would not recommend you to watch this film at all.