Paris 13th District

Paris 13th District ending explained: movie review 2022

Paris 13th District

Release Date – 15 April 2022

⭐⭐⭐ – 6.3/10

Director – Jacques Audiard


  • Lucie Zhang (Émilie Wong)
  • Makita Samba (Camille Germain)
  • Noémie Merlant (Nora Ligier)
  • Jehnny Beth (Amber Sweet)
  • Camille Léon-Fucien (Eponine)
  • Oceane Cairaty (Stéphanie)
  • Anaïde Rozam (Leïla)

NOTE: You must be at least 18 years old to watch Paris 13th District, as this movie has been shown to have a lot of sexual content.


In Paris 13th District, a couple is shown who meet for sex attraction, but they fall in love and they find this loveless attraction, so they separate and then in the end both become one, but these A lot of drama will be seen amid everyone.

Story Line

Paris 13th District begins with a girl named Émilie who worked in a call center, lived in her grandmother’s house, her grandmother was very ill, so she was always in the hospital, and she did not earn much money. She wants to have a tenant with her so that she can get some financial help from him.

As a tenant, Émilie meets Camille, Camille was a college professor, the two move into a house together, which makes both of them attracted to each other, and they sleep in the same bed for months and all. Some do, after a few months, Camille’s heart is filled with Émilie so he vacates the house, but both of them had a love for each other.

Émilie was used to spending the night with some man, so she used to deal on dating apps, meet a guy and meet him at a hotel and have fun with him all night.

On the other hand, a girl named Nora comes to college from another country to study in that city but her face resembles that of a porn star so she is offered a lot in college so she leaves college and finds a job there That is, she goes to Camille to do the job because Camille had opened a new office of real estate.

Nora works with Camille for a few days but gradually Camille also falls in love with Nora and starts sharing a bed with her too, Nora was quite a bad name in town, so she is looking for a good partner So that his life would be settled, but he did not know that Camille was a shaky person.

Ending explained

Nora starts talking to the porn star she used to look like and they gradually become good friends Nora also learns that Camille treats every girl the same way, she gives girls his attraction. Nora gets very angry with Camille because of this and one day Nora herself goes and shares the bed with Camille and says, do whatever you want to do today because we will never meet.

What is the 13th district in Paris?

Where can I watch Paris 13th district?

Nora walks away from Camille then Camille starts feeling lonely again and he contacts Émilie again and Émilie tells that I don’t care about you because I can do this with a guy every night from the dating app, but still I love you if you want we can be one, to which Camille agrees and the two reunite and with that, the film ends.


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The simple love angle of a couple is shown in Paris 13th District, but a lot of sexual content has been shown to increase the excitement in the audience so that the craze of the audience remains towards the film, this film was specially made for the audience of Young Age.

The experience of watching Paris 13th District with the family will be very messy because there is no blur used in Paris 13th District, everything is shown openly and a lot of sexual content is promoted.

I watched Paris 13th District completely and even though there is no good story in the film, your interest will remain in the film while watching the film, the film will not bore you at all, so I would like you to watch this film.

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