Deceit mini series: Summary & review 2022


Release Date – 13 Aug 2021

⭐⭐⭐ – 5.5/10

Director – Niall MacCormick


  • Niamh Algar (Lizzie James / Sadie)
  • Eddie Marsan (Paul Britton)
  • Sion Daniel Young (Colin Stagg)
  • Harry Treadaway ( Inspector Keith)
  • Nathaniel Martello-White (Baz)
  • Jack Riddiford (Napper)


The Deceit series depicts the working methods of a police detective, and in which sometimes even a decent person is caught in their clutches and has to serve a sentence, this series is a real story based series in which undercover to catch the criminal. Women police are sexually aroused to nab the culprit.

Story Line

The Deceit series begins with an undercover female cop who first falls in love with the criminals to catch them and later hand them over to the police, but a few days later she gets a big case. In which many big officers were also involved, the name of that undercover female cop was Lizzie, she is told that a woman has been murdered nearby, and she has been killed first, then she has been raped and this work is one.

Only an eccentric person can do it, we doubt a person, so that person has to deal with you. The person whom the police suspect was named Colin because he was seen at the place of murder but the police did not have any other evidence, when the police go to his house, he finds many such items that the police suspect He may have done the murder, but there was no hard evidence to present in court, so he resorts to Lizzie.

Lizzie starts meeting Colin and tells her name as Sadie and starts to ensnare her in his love, 2 months pass and by then Colin was completely madly in love with Lizzie, Lizzie tells him that As she tries to ask him too much about the case, Lizzie tells him she needs a boyfriend who is a murderer, who isn’t afraid to commit blood, who could kill anyone for me.

Colin is afraid to get away from Lizzie so he starts making up a false story, twisting what he saw in the news and telling Lizzie to stick with him when Lizzie thinks we have enough evidence.

If so, she gets Colin arrested and the police put him in jail. Colin remains in jail for 12 months, but when there is a hearing in the court, the judge said that based on so much evidence, it cannot be told who is guilty, so Colin is released but when Colin is confronted face to face. Lizzie is sitting for interrogation so she starts to feel somewhere that maybe I am wrong, maybe it is not the culprit. were not.

Everything becomes normal when Colin is released from jail, Colin gets busy in his life, Lizzie was sorry that maybe because of me a decent person had to spend 12 months, but still, it was not clear that he Who did the murder, and the police was still investigating and such murders are happening continuously but after 12 years the criminal who did this murder is caught and he confesses that he has done at least more than 100 such murders.

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Then it becomes clear that Colin was not the murderer, Colin was doing whatever he was saying about himself just to be with Lizzie, he loved Lizzie and he fell in love. After confessing everything she had never done, Lizzie goes to Colin’s house after 12 years and sees that he still lives alone in his house, that’s why Lizzie used to live in a lot of depression, and some days He dies at the same time, although Colin has given 7 Lakhs Euro Compensation, and with this, the film ends.

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There is crime, drama, romance, mystery everything in the Deceit series but still, the movie is not funny, often after watching the series you discuss it with some people but there is nothing in it that you ask people about it. Talk, this film is a real story based movie, so this film has been shown in a straight way, but to make the film mysterious, the scene has been rotated many times unnecessarily, which adds to the confusion.

The Deceit series is an average series if the person in the lead role of this series was not kept by the police, with whom the police behaved badly, then the series could have become better because people would be able to relate themselves in it, which is currently the case. A kind of high-quality series is coming I don’t think you should give your time to watch this web series.