Bruno Reidal

Bruno Reidal ending explained: movie review 2021

Bruno Reidal, Confession of a Murderer

Release Date – March 23, 2022

Rating – 3.8/10

Director – Vincent Le Port


  • Dimitri Doré (Bruno Reidal)
  • Jean-Luc Vincent (Professor Lacassagne)
  • Tino Vigier (Blondel)
  • Nelly Bruel (La mère)


In Bruno Reidal, a Murderer tells the full story of his life in front of the judge, he explains why and how he committed the murder, and why he has done it despite being good at reading and writing, he tells all his mistakes in front of the judge. Confess, Bruno had thoughts of murder whenever he masturbated.

Story Line

Bruno Reidal begins with the judge of the court, asks the judge that you were such a capable student, you were good in studies, everything was good but why did you murder a small child, Bruno tells the judge with his words Tries to get confused but doesn’t tell the truth, to which the judge says it’s okay don’t tell me, you write your whole story to me.

Bruno starts writing his story inside the prison, when he was young, a pig was sacrificed in front of him during a festival in his house, the pig was made and eaten together by everyone, but when he was sacrificed Bruno was having a lot of fun when he was there, seeing that he felt that I wish I could cut his throat with a knife.

And since then the feeling of killing people or slitting their throats started coming to his mind, when he was angry with someone, he would feel that I wish I could torment him by slitting his throat, and all these things were always going on in his mind.

He grew up and used to fight with his school friends and often tried to kill them. When Bruno turned 16 and started masturbating, his desire to slit or kill someone started burning more, after he masturbated, he feels that now he should slit someone’s throat, He started looking around like a maniac to kill someone.

Bruno goes to the madrasa to get rid of all this, studies there for a long time so that he stays away from masturbation and fights, but gets a summer break in the madrasa for a few months, Due to which all the boys are sent home, as soon as they come home Bruno again indulges in similar activities, he starts masturbating again and tries to kill people.


At the end of the movie, Bruno used to get very angry with his madrasa friend because he was very beautiful and all the girls liked him, so he was always in the mind that whenever I get a chance, I will kill him, Bruno was masturbating Because he knew that his friend was going to come through this route, he masturbated and waited that as soon as his friend came he would slit his throat, but his friend did not come and there a small child appeared to him.

Bruno caught that child and slit his throat and beheaded him, Bruno put his head in his hands and started thinking what have I done, he goes to jail himself and confesses that I slit the throat of a small child given and I should be punished for it.

The judges read the autobiography written by Bruno, and the judges together decide that he is mentally ill, and send him to the hospital to be treated for his illness, but Bruno dies three months later. And with this, the film ends.

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Bruno Reidal is a real story based movie that took place in the year 1905, and the film is made like that but the film has taken a little more time to tell a short story, which tends to bore people. It will be an important reason.

The way of presenting Bruno Reidal is very poor so that the film will not look interesting at all, the story of this film depicts a disease, but nothing was seen in the film from which you learned something or remember the movie for a long time Well, the movie average is below, watching this movie is like a waste of time.