Josefina (2021) | movie review & film summary


Release Date – 19 September 2021 (Spain)

Rating – 4/10

Director – Javier Marco


  • Miguel Bernardeau (Sergio)
  • Emma Suárez (Berta)
  • Roberto lamo (Juan)
  • Olivia Delcán (Josi)


Josefina depicts Middle Age Juan’s love angle, Juan was a prison guard and the lady he loved’s son Sergio was a prisoner in prison, and he loses his job because of his love.

Story Line

Josefina begins at the prison, where Juan worked as a guard, and the bus he returned to was accompanied by a lady named Berta, Berta to visit her son Sergio as he was a prisoner in prison. I was serving a sentence, this continued for a long time, due to which Juan falls in love with Berta, Juan talks to her to help her.

But Juan does not tell that he is the guard of that prison, he tells that I also come to meet my daughter, Berta tells that my son does not tell me anything, he is very angry, if you tell your daughter that He writes letters to him inside the jail, if both of them talk among themselves, then maybe my son can be fine.

But none of Juan’s daughters lived in that prison, but still, Juan tries, tells a girl to talk to Sergio and try to amuse her, slowly the two start talking to each other and Berta The boy of Sergio starts recovering because he had fallen in love with that girl, now he started sharing his things and problems.

Berta sees that her son is recovering, so she starts liking Juan, Berta’s husband was very ill and one day suddenly dies, due to which Berta also starts liking Juan and Juan tries to have a physical relationship with her. takes Berta home.

Berta and Juan both sleep together but when Berta wakes up to get water from the fridge, she sees Juan’s shoe with a sticker on it, she understands that Juan is lying to me, she has no daughter Yes, she is the guard of that jail, so she gets angry and leaves.

For a long time, there was no talk between Juan and Berta, but this word had spread throughout the prison that one of Juan’s daughters lives in this jail, due to which the elders of the jail call the tongue and tell her that if your daughter is in this jail If you are serving sentence as a prisoner in jail then we cannot hire you so you have to leave this job.

Juan tries to explain a lot but the officers were not ready to understand, so Juan accepts that she is his daughter and goes and sits next to Berta and with this, the film ends.

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Josefina movie may sound very good to read or listen to but the way this film has been made it is very poor, unnecessary scenes have been inserted in the film. In Josefina, a very short story has been made a film of 1 hour 30 minutes, it would have been better if the film had been written in a better way, the short story has been unnecessarily drawn which will be very boring.

Josefina is a boring movie though I watched it fully it didn’t find anything interesting nor is it anything that we haven’t seen, this movie is an Average Below movie and I will not recommend watching this movie at all.

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