Don't Look up

Don’t Look Up ending explained: movie review 2021

Don’t Look Up

Release Date – 24 December 2021

Rating – 6.3/10

Director – Adam McKay


  • Leonardo DiCaprio (Dr Randall Mindy)
  • Jennifer Lawrence (Kate Dibiasky)
  • Meryl Streep (President Orlean)
  • Cate Blanchett ( Brie Evantee)
  • Rob Morgan (Dr Teddy Oglethorpe)
  • Jonah Hill (Jason Orlean)
  • Mark Rylance (Peter Isherwell)
  • Tyler Perry (Jack Bremmer)
  • Timothée Chalamet (Yule)


In the movie Don’t Look up, two lower-ranking Astronomers find out that a Comet is speeding towards Earth, which will destroy the Earth, but no one takes them seriously, they are ridiculed a lot, And the result of which is that the whole world is destroyed, along with the present-day poor politics and businessman’s thinking has been shown in the film.

Story Line

Don’t Look Up begins with a small lab, where Dr Mindy and Kate Dibiasky working as scientists, find out that a Comet which is 7-8 kilometres long and wide is coming fast towards the earth and as soon as it hits the earth, the whole earth will be destroyed.

Mindy and Kate Contact Dr Teddy, Dr Teddy introduces Madam President of the United States of America, the President does not believe his words, so he says that we will get an investigation done on our behalf, and there is an election in the coming 3 weeks, so this thing should not go out otherwise we Will lose the election, she wanted to suppress that keeping in mind her election, but Kate tells that we have only 6 months, and we will all be killed if we don’t work from today.

Mindy and Kate feel that the government is not paying attention to them, so they go to the news channel and tell this thing open to everyone, due to which there is chaos everywhere, people start looting from shops, Then the President feels that if we do some work on this, then our name will be there and we will win the election, so he is Dr Mindy and Kate agree to help.

Many rockets are sent from Nasa so that that comet is diverted to another planet before reaching the earth, but after a few hours, the rocket is launched back, because a Peter named.

There was a Smartphone businessman, who takes Madam President under his guise. Peter tells that we can earn billions of rupees from this comet because there will be a lot of metal in this comet and we will get a lot of energy, so I will launch a rocket that will go up and break this comet, and bring it along with someone.

will drop into the sea, so that we will get all the metal, and we will get a lot of money. Dr Mindy and Kate are sent a notice by the FBI that if you tell anyone about all this or try to provoke in public, then both will be put in jail, they both knew that it would come if If it reaches the earth, then the whole earth will be destroyed.

Peter had a Robotic Rocket, they broke when they hit the Comet, some exploded, none worked, and the Comet started coming fast towards the earth, and Kate and Mindy knew it was just NASA rockets can be destroyed, so they have dinner together in their house and sit holding each other’s hands, because they knew that now no one can save us from dying, and soon Comet Earth, the whole earth is destroyed, everything is destroyed, and with that, the film ends.


In the movie Don’t Look Up, the bitter reality of the present has been shown, just as politicians can risk the lives of the whole world for their benefit and in the same way businessmen are also working, who are working for their benefit, You can also ruin it, there will be a lot to learn from this film.

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Don’t Look up has been made very well and the film has been presented in an equally good way, this film also relates to the future, Don’t Look up After seeing the you cannot call it imaginary, there are many chances of such an event happening.

Don’t Look up I liked it, and I would definitely like you to watch this film too because the film teaches a lot, and also shows the bitter reality of the present.

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