Castle falls

Castle falls ending explained: movie review & summary 2021

Castle falls

Release Date – 20 December 2021

Rating – 6/10

Director – Dolph Lundgren


  • Scott Adkins (Mike Wade)
  • Dolph Lundgren (Richard Ericson)
  • Kim DeLonghi (Kat)
  • Jim E. Chandler (Foreman)
  • Dave Halls (Vince)
  • Kevin Wayne (James)
  • Scott Hunter (Deacon Glass)
  • Billy Culbertson (Inmate / Busted Lip)


In Castle falls, three different men go on a quest to find three million dollars hidden in a building, they clash and a great fight ensues, but the one who needs the money the most wins But this money did not belong to any of these three, this money was hidden by a prisoner in jail.

Story Line

The movie Castle falls begins with a guy named Mike who was training in boxing, but he’s lost all three of his matches, so he’s kicked out of the boxing championship organization, only to say that you Can’t right now you are not so capable, he only had a car in which he used to spend the night and find work during the day, there was a hospital named Castle falls which had to be demolished, he joins there for work and starts working.

On the other hand, there was a prisoner in the prison whom the other prisoner repeatedly tried to kill, there was a lot of fighting inside the prison, but there was a prison guard Ericson, whose daughter was ill with cancer and she was in great need of money. Yes, the prisoner who used to kill often tells Ericson a plan one day, he tells that if you send me from North Block to South Block, I can get you a lot of money.

Ericson agrees to this deal, Ericson tells you to get the money first, the prisoner tells that I have hidden my three million dollars in a hospital called Castle falls, and you can go and get it, Ericson says I will go first and take the money, if I get that money then I will send you to South Block.

Mike was cleaning the building, then he gets that money, but he does not take it out, he first waits for everyone to leave, but a bomb was planted in that building because that building has to be destroyed on the same day. Well, the whole building is evacuated by 5:00 PM, and it takes an hour and a half for the building to explode, everyone exits, so Mike quietly walks inside the building through the back door.

As Mike was about to come out with the money, he sees an old man inside that building, he was also looking for money, that old man was Ericson, and soon another gang of gangsters comes there, In which there were seven or eight people, and everyone had guns in their hands, they also start looking for money very quickly in the whole building.

First Mike hides that money, then starts fighting with everyone one by one, there is a lot of fight and there is a lot of action, and after that Mike and Ericson become partners because gangsters are total.

There were 5 people, with whom it was not possible to fight alone, so both form a team and kill all the gangsters supporting each other. But in the midst of all this, Mike’s friend is also killed, who comes to that building looking for Mike, although as soon as Ericson and Mike leave the building with the money, the building explodes, Ericson takes the money.

(Spider man: No way home ending explained 2021) Gets his daughter medicine, Mike takes some money and gives it to his friend’s housemates, and a sweet smile ends the film.


The opening of Castle falls is done in a very exciting way, with a spectacular boxing fight that is quite successful in capturing the interest of the people, Castle falls is a great action movie, often it is seen that the director goes more with short stories.

Tried to make films in time, but this film is not dragged unnecessarily, the time gap has been eliminated according to the story of this film, which was fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed and thoroughly enjoyed Castle falls, the story of the film is presented in a very good way so that the character is easy to understand, I would advise you to watch this movie.

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