Decrypted (2021): movie review & film summary


Release Date – 1 November 2021

Rating – 5.5/10

Director – Tom Sands


  • Sophia Myles (Beth Barnes)
  • David Hoflin (Buck Johnson)
  • Amanda Abbington (Connie)
  • Kevin McNally (Colonel Pike)
  • Talisa Garcia (Sofia Perez)
  • Don Gilet (Martin)
  • Akie Kotabe (Satoshi Nakamoto)


It is shown in the Decrypted movie that, American officers try to catch the cryptocurrency maker Satoshi Nakamoto, but his trick is not successful, but due to one of his mistakes, this bitcoin spread all over the world and is still ruling. Used to be.

Story Line

Decrypted begins with two American officers, Buck was a police officer and a girl named Beth lived with him for his technical support, Buck was a bit cynical and had a different way of handling people, he was on torture Used to believe more, but Beth did not believe in all this at all, she used to say that our job is only to catch the culprit, and it is not our job to torture before the government.

Buck arrests a girl named Sofia and brings her to the hotel room, and the girl was Satoshi Nakamoto’s girlfriend, Buck tortures her a lot and persuades her to talk, but she doesn’t agree, then Beth Buck complains to the colonel, that Buck is not treating people properly. Sofia who was Satoshi Nakamoto’s girlfriend makes a deal, she says if I get US citizenship, I can get Satoshi Nakamoto arrested, and Buck requests the government and prepares American citizenship for Sofia, whose She later reveals the address of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Buck always tried to have physical relations with women criminals whenever he caught them, but when he went to have a relationship with Sofia, he came to know that Sofia is transgender, Buck arrests Satoshi Nakamoto the next day, And everyone gets into a room, Buck tortures Satoshi Nakamoto a lot, but he was not ready to tell anything, about Blockchain and Bitcoin.

After which Buck injects Satoshi Nakamoto and Sofia, so that he starts telling the truth, and himself drinks a lot of whiskeys, and also drinks his partner Beth, after which everyone falls into a state of unconsciousness. , and everyone starts talking to each other like friends, this conversation goes on for a long time.

Buck and Beth are so drunk that they forget that they are on a mission, and have to arrest these people and hand them over to the government, they begin to treat them like a friend, but when Beth is drinking It was then that he had put a phone call with the colonel so that the colonel would hear all the things.

As soon as the colonel hears all this on the phone, he sends 5 Delta officers to that house, and orders to go and shoot all the people there, whether he is an officer or whether he is a criminal Yes, don’t spare anyone, Satoshi Nakamoto, in a drunken state, takes Beth’s ID password and tries to put his bitcoin virus on the official site of the US government.

But there the Delta team arrives, and she kills everyone, in turn, even the people in the Delta team, there is only one officer left in the Delta team, and as he approaches that system. If there was an option to send the file in front of him, he did not know, he suppresses it and the file is sent, and this virus comes on the official site of the US Government, due to which its demand increases so much and The rate gets so high, this bitcoin gets so boosted because of America’s recklessness, it’s shown in this movie and it ends with it.

How do you know what the first day is when a crypto coin comes out?


Decrypted has a lot of comedy scenes but at the same time will bore you a long conversation in the middle, there is a cynical old man in the movie who abuses almost all the country except the British citizen, which is bad enough in this movie, and in the movie, Adult content has also been promoted.

(Mixtape ending explained: Movie Review 2021) I don’t think that Decrypted will ever be launched outside the UK, because people from all countries have been abused in this film, this film has shown the USA Government in a very bad way, even if it is the President of the USA Or whether the colonel there, everyone is shown as an idiot.

The story of Decrypted was good, but the film will start boring in the last, because the film does not get the end as it should, and the film is in an average category, you can watch this film but in the end, it will feel a bit bad. Because maybe you have to hear abuses in it.