Mixtape ending explained: Movie Review 2021


Release Date – 3 December 2021

Rating – 4/10

Director – Valerie Weiss


  • Gemma Brooke Allen (Beverly)
  • Julie Bowen (Gail)
  • Audrey Hsieh (Ellen)
  • Olga Petsa (Nicky)
  • Nick Thune (Anti)


The mixtape depicts a girl whose parents leave her in childhood, she used to do a lot of research on her old things to get to know her parents, and try to know them, she was taken by her parents. mom’s mixtape, and tries to understand the songs written in a letter, so that she can understand her mom dad, how they were.

Story Line

The mixtape begins with a girl named Beverly who lived with her maternal grandmother, her parents left her when she was 3 months old, she died in a car accident, Beverly was very quiet. and she was teased and harassed by many boys in school. Beverly wanted to know her mom dad, how he lived and how he used to think, how was his nature, so he used to collect old things from his mom dad and try to understand them, one day he was given to his mom. Found an old mixtape that had a lot of songs in it, but that cassette was damaged.

But all those songs were written on one page, Beverly also gathers two of her friends, named Ellen and Nicky, to find all those songs, she gets her mom dad’s favourite songs from a serial in her cassette Kar wanted to hear them again, she felt that her mom dad wanted to say something to her.

She goes to a cassette shop, where music was put into cassettes, where she meets a man named Anti, who helps Beverly a lot, but he can’t collect all the songs, because one of the two songs is not there. Were meeting, whenever Beverly used to ask her grandmother about her mother, her grandmother used to get angry, because her grandmother liked her daughter very much, but Beverly’s mother does not pay much attention to her grandmother Was.

Beverly’s maternal grandmother’s name was Gail, Gail always used to scold Beverly, and while scolding, she used to say that, if I had done this work with your mother, then your mother would have been alive today, I considered her my friend and gave her complete freedom, And the result was that she became the mother of a child at the age of 16, and died a few years later.

Gail shuts down Beverly’s school, and doesn’t let her out, she punishes him that you won’t even meet your friend, and you’ll only do what I say, but Beverly’s friends Nicky and Ellen are constantly trying to find all the songs of Beverly, and one day they find the song, and after seeing Beverly’s house dance loudly to the sound, Gail understands that They are so closely intertwined, I am doing it wrong, which has torn them all apart.

(Single all the way ending, gay christmas movie 2021) She gives a recording tape to Beverly and says it’s your mother’s what I hid, listens to it Would be great too, and you’ll always listen to your granny and you’ll be so happy, you’re so sweet, gave a note that makes Beverly happy that my mother would have liked me if she was alive. With this, his grandmother gives him complete freedom, and together they make a new song, Beverly and his friends, and launch that song at New Year’s party and with this the film ends.


The mixtape has a lot of emotional scenes, but you will hardly get any message or any lesson in this film, Mixtape is shown as if it is a film made for an individual, because it is not connected with the audience The story of the film is very simple, a girl does so much drama just because her mom dad would have liked her if she was alive.

There is no message on keeping Mixtape below average category because Mixtape is not made under any motive, it is just put forward a story which came in the mind of a writer, I liked the movie well, Can’t say too good, and whether you watch this film or not, it will be known by our ratings.

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