Single all the way

Single all the way ending, gay christmas movie 2021

Single all the way

Release Date – 03 November 2021

Rating – 5.5/10

Available – Netflix

Director – Michael Mayer


  • Michael Urie (Peter)
  • Philemon Chambers (Nick)
  • Barry Bostwick (Harold)
  • Luke Macfarlane (James)
  • Madison Brydges (Daniela)
  • Alexandra Beaton (Sofia)
  • Steve Lund (Tim)
  • Melanie Leishman (Ashleigh)
  • Kathy Najimy (Carole)
  • Jennifer Coolidge (Aunt Sandy)


Single All the Way tells the story of a gay boy named Peter, who is in love with his best friend Nick (Nick was also gay) but never tells him about it because he fears that if ever his If a breakup occurs in the future, he will lose his best friend, and to bring the two together, a family drama is also shown.

Story Line

Single all the way begins with a guy named Peter, he was a photographer, and lived away from his family in Los Angeles with his roommate partner, roommate partner’s Nick (both of which were gay) Peter’s seven Sometimes there was a breakup, he could not find any good partner, and his family members were always disappointed because of this.

Peter’s mother’s name was Carole, Carole invites Peter home to celebrate Christmas, Peter knew that his family would be very sad if he were to be single, so he requests his roommate, and says something, For the time being, you come to my house as my boyfriend, Nick does not agree at first, but later he agrees to support Peter.

Nick also had a cute dog, Nick writes a book about himself and that dog’s life, which is in high demand, and Nick has a lot of money, Nick keeps the money, Nick and Peter both go to Peter’s house as a couple, to be useful on bad days, but their actions reveal that both Nick and Peter are best friends and not a couple.

Carole forces Peter to go on a blind date, Peter goes on a blind date and he meets James, James and Peter both start liking each other, and spend a lot of time together, Peter goes on a blind date. Was very happy with the family, and Christmas was about to come, Peter was thinking that by this Christmas I will settle here with my family, I have also got a good boyfriend.

But when Nick comes to know that, Peter will leave me and settle with his family, then he is very sad, he starts feeling a breakup, this thing is understood by Peter’s family, They think that Peter and Nick do love each other, but they are unable to tell each other.

What Christmas movies include gay people?

Peter’s family tries all the tricks to make Peter and Nick feel each other’s love, to which Nick agrees that yes I also love Peter, and Peter also tells that, I love Nick. I love you, but I’m not expressing it just because I’m afraid, I’ve broken up so many times, I’ll never be able to live if I break up with Nick because he’s my best friend, It will go away from me.

Finally one day Nick tells Peter that, I can do anything for you, I love you so much, and I can even leave Los Angeles for you, I will be with your family, only for you, but You don’t leave me, Peter also realizes that Nick might be the best for me, and when James sees Peter and Nick together, he also thinks that maybe, Peter is happier with Nick than me.

He goes and tells Peter that, Peter, when you are with Nick, you have different happiness on your face, you are made for him. Nick opens a plant store for Peter with his savings, and says that this is a Christmas present for you from my side, Peter and Nick surprise their family on Christmas Day, and both of them give each other a surprise. agree to become Ka’s lifetime partner, Nick doesn’t have a family so he gets a family, and Peter gets a good boyfriend, and the film ends with a happy ending.


(14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible, ending explained 2021) Single all the way gives a lesson that, even without romance, there can be love between two people, maybe we should not call it understanding because what we call love and first sight, is not love, it is an attraction to someone. Per, it takes a long time for two people to fall in love with each other, and this is reflected in their understanding.

Single all the way is a simple love angle drama movie, but it was added with Christmas so that audience can gain more, Single all the way is an average category movie, and will not force to watch it, the movie was fine but could have been better, I liked Single all the way, but not as much as I was expecting.

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