14 peaks: Nothing is impossible

14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible, ending explained 2021

14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible

Release Date – 29 November 2021

Rating – 5/10

Director – Torquil Jones

Cast – Nirmal Purja


14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible depicts a mountain climber who, despite all his troubles, sets a new world record, makes everyone kneel before his stubbornness, be it the government, or the weather, Be it the big mountains and or the problems in his life, he has created a new history by defeating everyone.

Story Line

The film 14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible begins with the problems faced by mountain climbing people, telling how and what problems they face, and tells that the Italian mountaineer Reinhold Messner 8000 had to climb 14 peaks, 16 It takes a year, but when Nirmal Purja (called Nims) comes to know about this, he targets that, I will climb all these eight peaks within 7 months, and the name of this mission is project possible.

Nims sets a new target for himself, and gathers some of his companions to complete the 14 peaks of 8000 in 7 months, he was from Nepal, so he wanted to conquer the peaks of Nepal first, And after that, he climbs 3 peaks of Pakistan, and then 3 peaks of China. Nims starts climbing the peaks with his team, they first climb the Annapurna mountain in Nepal and come back from there, but after that, they find that one person from another team is missing.

That is, he is trapped in the same mountain, to save that person, Nims again go to Annapurna mountain with his team, and again bring that person back from there.

Nims along with his companions conquer all the mountains above eight thousand in Nepal, but his mother’s condition was deteriorating, his mother wanted her son to be with her in her last moments, but Nims had to It was to set a world record, so he would leave his mother again and again, but his mind was also with his mother, on the one hand, he loved his mother very much.

Once Nims was on a mountain in Pakistan, where he sees a climber stuck in the snow, but he was so high that there was a lot of need of oxygen, but Nims only had oxygen for himself, but Nims Gives his oxygen to save that person and tries to bring him down for some distance, but still, he loses his life, and Nims’s oxygen gas also runs out, and Nims himself seems to be That he will not be able to reach the bottom and that he is about to die, his complete control is removed from himself.

Then another climber appears in the mountain, whose oxygen was exhausted, he was also in the condition of Nims, but both of them support each other and holding hands slowly come down from the mountain, and Nims Tells that I help so many people, maybe that’s why I am alive, because someone helped me, otherwise it is often seen in the mountains that people do not stop even after seeing each other dying, they keep on moving forward.

Nims was on K2 of Pakistan’s most dangerous mountain, and when he was coming down after conquering there, his foot slips and he falls very fast for about 100 meters, but he was lucky that He finds a rope, and that rope holds him, and his life is saved, after that his confidence goes away, he feels that maybe I will not be able to do anything now.

Nims recounts that just like the way a rope saved my life on K2 when I went to war in a force in 2011, I was supporting my friends by firing, but no one saw me and he shot my neck with a sniper, but I was lucky that his bullet first hit my gun and then my throat, which saved my life, this is the difference between death and life.

Nims had to conquer the peaks of China, for which he needed a lot of money, he did not have money, he was in the force in a Gurkha battalion, but from there he had rejoined because he did not work there. was able to do so, Nims stuck to his insistence, and he had mortgaged his house to climb the peaks so that he could get the money because no one was ready to support him financially, no one on him The investor was not ready to spend the money.

How much did it cost Nims PURJA to climb all 14 8000m peaks?

Nims conquers two mountains of China, but the Chinese government does not permit the third mountain, which he thinks will probably break my dream, because he can do so much within 5 months and a few days. He had a dream that he could conquer 14 more than 8000 peaks within 7 months, but the Chinese government was not listening to him.

Then Nims takes the help of the Nepal Government and tries to convey China with their help, but still, the Chinese government was not ready for this work, then Nims puts a post on his Instagram account, and from his followers Says please support me, and help us to get permission from the Chinese government, and people from all over the world start posting posts on Instagram to support Nims, on which the Chinese government thinks it might be too much. He is a popular person, and everyone supports it, so the Chinese government permits him to go to that mountain.

Nims in 6 months and 6 days you complete that mission, and your dream, he completes more than 8000 14 peaks in 6 months 6 days, and his name gets illuminated in the whole world, world She starts to know him, but when he comes to the news, he says only one thing, that if a European would have done this work, it would have been 10 times more famous, we are Nepali, so we are not being given so much attention, please support us. Do it, and we are about to prepare our next mission very soon, with that the film ends. (A boy called christmas ending explained: movie review 2021)


This film has been displayed like a blog, but almost 90% of the things shown in this film are true because the scenes shown in this film are mostly those which were recorded in real while climbing the Nims mountains.

If you do not see this film as a film, but if you see it as a blog, then you will enjoy it more, just as a blogger does live commentary while making a video, it is often seen that the blogger talks about a beautiful place in detail. Explains, but it’s a bit advanced and it’s awesome.

Iwatched this film completely, and I liked the film, but if you see it as a film, then you will not enjoy it at all, if you want to enjoy this full one and a half-hour video, then you can consider it as a blog. Watch this movie, if you are interested in mountain climbing then you must watch it as there is a lot to explore but if you want to watch action, drama, romance then this movie is not for you at all.

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