A boy called christmas

A boy called christmas ending explained: movie review 2021

A boy called Christmas

Release Date – November 26, 2021

Rating – 6/10

Director – Gil Kenan


  • Maggie Smith (Aunt Ruth)
  • Joel Fry (Matt)
  • Kristen Wiig (Aunt Carlotta)
  • Henry Lawful (Nikolas)
  • Michiel Huisman (Joel)
  • Jim Broadbent (King)
  • Rune Temte (Anders)
  • Indica Watson(Little Noosh)
  • Toby Jones (Father Topo)
  • Zoe Margaret Colletti (The Truth Pixie)
  • Rishi Kuppa (Little Kip)
  • Sally Hawkins (Mother Something)


In the movie A boy called Christmas, and Aunt Ruth tells stories to some children, of a boy and his father, both of whom were in Finland, and their lives were going through a lot of trouble, and then the same story is associated with Christmas. It is said that why we celebrate Christmas, and how it came into vogue, may be a story or may be true, but it is not proof.

Story Line

A boy called Christmas begins with a man named Matt who had three children in the house, but his mother was not, Matt was going out at night for his office work, so he asked Aunt Ruth to take care of the children. Had called, the children were angry because they were scared to see Aunt Ruth’s face because she was very old.

Aunt Ruth starts telling stories to children, but children speak, we will not listen to stories, we are afraid, Aunt Ruth says listen first 5 minutes, if you do not feel interesting, then you go to sleep, then children are ready To hear the story, Aunt Ruth starts the story.

The story is about a forest in Finland, where a man named Joel lived with his son, his name was Nikolas and his mother affectionately called him Christmas, but his mother was no more, Joel was a woodcutter, he was in the woods He used to make arrangements for food and drink by chopping wood.

one day the king invites all the people of the village to his palace, Joel goes to the king with his son, the king says how long did you all stay here for how long You will find, all go to different places and find something that will keep our hope, and we can live for a long time because it is not possible for us to live here for long if we have any hope If not.

Joel had a small hut, Joel leaves his son Nikolas to live there and goes out with some of his companions to find something new so that people’s hopes are raised, and people can get their lives right. But Joel calls his sister Carlotta on the way, because Nikolas was too young, and he thought the bears in the woods might eat the wolves, so he calls his sister Carlotta.

When Joel is out of the house, Carlotta asks Nikolas to do a lot of work and throws him out of the house. In a snowy place, Nikolas builds a hut and waits for a few days, but he feels that he is no longer his dad. will return, so he sets out to find them. Nikolas’ mother once went to Elfhelm, Elfhelm is a world where everything was magical, and there was a lot made up of magic, and everyone there knew magic, Nikolas’ mother made a scarf for his dad. was built, in that scaffold, there was a way to reach that Elfhelm.

Nikolas knew that his dad must have gone to find Elfhelm, he moves on the same map, he walks for many days hungry and thirsty, there was a mouse with him that talked like humans, he continued to talk to him keeps on increasing. After going some distance, Nikolas finds a reindeer, the reindeer was hurt, Nikolas shoots an arrow at him, then, the reindeer starts walking with him, he does not leave Nikolas’ side, then both Nikolas and the mouse are with that reindeer. Sit up and start travelling.

Nikolas reaches Elfhelm’s world according to that map, but he does not see Elfhelm, he could see snow everywhere, so he lay down in that snow, and he decided not to return from here He will die now, because all his hard work was ruined, and he did not have enough strength to find his dad now.

But then there comes Father Topo, who was an Elfhelm, he sees that a boy’s ground is covered with snow, so they spell on him and put a little hope inside his body, as soon as the hope spells Nikolas. When he goes inside, Nikolas gets up and sits down, and he begins to see the Elfhelm world, he happily reaches that Elfhelm world.

What is the name of the movie that a whole town adopted a young boy after his parents were killed in drowning accident and he made toys out of wood and gave them for Christmas presents?

What is the name of the Christmas movie about a young boy who wakes up every morning and it’s Christmas Day?

Father Topo rescues him from the Empress of Elfhelm and takes him to a party where everyone is celebrating Christmas, but until then Nikolas did not know what Christmas was, he thought that the cake party was called Christmas. Then suddenly the Empress of Elfhelm comes there, and Nikolas recognizes her, says what is this man doing among us, and we don’t trust humans, she puts Nikolas in a prison, Nikolas in jail Before putting it in, she tells that, we used to trust humans a lot, but recently some humans came and they kidnapped our little Kap.

Nikolas promises that, if you leave me, I will get little Kap free, because he knew that my dad and his companions must have come, and kidnapped little Kap, but no one listens to him, and put him in jail, inside the prison he meets pixie, pixie used to harass people by leaving colourful crackers, so he was put in jail. Pixie brings Nikolas out of prison, and Nikolas manages to escape by sitting on the reindeer, he finds his dad again in those forests, and he meets his dad, Nikolas says.

That dad you did it wrong, you kidnapped little Kap, he respects us a lot, we could have asked him whatever we wanted, but why did you do this. Joel tries his son to a tree, but as his friends leave, he drives his son away with little Kap and starts running himself, we but Joel’s friends follow him. and shoots it with arrows, which kills Joel, but Nikolas had power because the power of hope had been cast in him, so he would cast that hope spell on the reindeer. And that reindeer starts flying.

Nikolas reaches Elfhelm again with little Kap, the people there are happy, and they trust the people again, they are all very welcome and hospitalized, Nicholas tells that, our king has given us hope Asked to find, so I want some gifts, there everyone makes a lot of gifts from their side, and put them in a bag and give it to Nikolas, and Nikolas takes off in his reindeer.

Nikolas goes to his king and shows him that come on, I have brought a ray of hope, the king says if you have brought a ray of hope, I will give you a lot of money, Nikolas goes to every single house in that village, And keeping one gift near the sleeping children goes on moving forward, and the next day when the children wake up in the morning from sleep, they are happy to see toys near them.

King says this is a ray of hope, all the children are happy today, you have brought a ray of hope, and with this, the story ends, Aunt Ruth says when the story is over, now I am going home. Am come on, you guys also sit in the hall, your dad will be coming, and everyone comes in the hall, so many gifts were kept there, Aunt Ruth says look, some Elfhelm has left a ray of hope for you, and Aunt Ruth starts leaving from there, only then her ear is (The New Liaozhai Legend: movie review 2021) visible, which clearly shows that Aunt Ruth was not an ordinary person but she was an Elfhelm.


The story of the movie A boy called Christmas is very special, and it is told through A boy called Christmas, why we celebrate Christmas, and how Christmas became popular, and you will find answers to many questions related to Christmas in this movie. This film will encourage people to celebrate Christmas, especially children, it will bring a different enthusiasm.

Also in A boy called Christmas, it is explained why people give gifts on Christmas, it is a ray of hope, which brings hope in the ordinary running life, and also in the movie, it is told that The importance of the gift received may or may not be there, but with what thinking the gift giver is giving the gift, it matters more.

A boy called Christmas is presented wonderfully, and people will remember for a long time, a good story, as well as emotional scenes, have been added in A boy called Christmas, which is a very perfect mixup, in this I watched the film completely and I liked it very much, and you should also watch this film.

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