The New Liaozhai Legend

The New Liaozhai Legend: movie review 2021

The New Liaozhai Legend

Release Date – March 2, 2021

Rating – 4.5/10

Director – Shuai Zeng


  • Shi Chao Jinzi
  • Wang Liang


In The New Liaozhai Legend movie, it is shown how a fox and a human fall in love, and they also have a child, who was half-human and half fox, but the fox species did not want that, Any person who comes into our midst, he wanted to live in a separate life, that’s why there is a fight between a fox and a human in this film.

Story Line

The New Liaozhai Legend begins with a boy named Miko, who lived with his partner in a hermitage with his master, but Miko didn’t know who his parents were, and neither His master knew who his parents were, as Miko had met the master at his doorstep, as a small child. But Miko had a locket around her neck, which was worn by her mother.

One day, Miko meets her daddy, and she recognizes it by seeing Miko’s locket, telling her that I am your father, and your mother is the one. There is a fox, and that’s why you are half-human and half fox, because I am human and your mother is a fox, and the child we both have is half human and half fox.

Your mother has been imprisoned by the fox’s chieftain, and she doesn’t want us to live among humans, she has too many powers, we can’t fight her, so I can’t rescue your mother, but Miko is her mother. Fights with the fox to rescue him, and brings his mother back.

The fox chief gathers all his men and attacks Miko’s family, Miko’s girlfriend was killed too, Miko’s master is also killed, but Miko is given a sword by her master, which has magical powers. Miko kills all the foxes with it, and saves his mother and his father, as soon as the fox’s chief is killed, Miko becomes a full human, because she is half a fox and a half-fox by a curse.

He was half-human. As soon as Miko becomes a complete human, he studies, becomes a good teacher, and starts teaching people, and with that, the movie ends.


The story of The New Liaozhai Legend is quite good, but you will get bored watching this film because the acting in this film has been done very poorly, it seems that some strangers from a theatre have made the film, the quality of acting It is third class, if a film was made on this story with good characters, it could have become a very (Palki (Palanquin) 2016 Movie, Cast, Plot) good film.

I watched The New Liaozhai Legend completely just for you, but I was very bored while watching this movie, and I was getting very sleepy watching this movie, and I would not recommend you at all to watch it See.