Palki (Palanquin) 2016 Movie, Cast, Plot


Release Date Canada – 2016, India – 2018

Director – Shailender Vyas

Writer – Shailender Vyas

Genre – Drama


  • Piyush Mishra (Balbir Singh)
  • Mohit Sachdeva (Kuldeep)
  • Ritika Anand (Palki)
  • Rajesh Sharma (Wakil)
  • Michelle Morgan (Laura)
  • Princy Sudhakaran (Jyoti)
  • Amrit Pal (Inspector)
  • Natasha Chevli (Extra)
  • Vibha Chhibber (Lata)
  • Manvinder Gill (Paran)
  • Amita Nangia (Gurpreet)
  • Sunny Singh (Crowd)
  • Kumar Vishwas (Lawyer)


The purpose of making the film Palki was that the people of the village should be given maximum information about women empowerment because it is often seen, there are not so many atrocities against women in the city, as it often happens in the village.

Story Line

Palki movie depicts a Punjabi farmer named Balbir Singh, and his only daughter Palki, she is in the lead role of this film, Palki’s life difficulties help her father Balbir Singh learn about women (Tick tick…Boom ending explained| Review 2021) empowerment.


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