Tick tick...Boom

Tick tick…Boom ending explained| Review 2021

Tick tick…Boom

Release Date – November 19, 2021

Tick tick boom

Rating – 5/10

Director – Lin-Manuel Miranda


  • Andrew Garfield (Jon)
  • Alexandra Shipp (Susan)
  • Robin de Jesus ( Michael
  • Vanessa Hudgens (Karessa)
  • Joshua Henry (Roger)
  • Jonathan Marc Sherman (Ira Weitzman)


Tick tick…Boom movie is the biography of American Composer Jonathan Larson, it is a musical film in which you will get to hear songs everywhere, the struggle of a fellow singer has been shown and the film was also made quite emotional. Yes, a fellow is the biography of such a singer, he who dies before becoming a star becomes a star after his death.

Story Line

Tick, tick…Boom movie starts with Jonathan Larson working in the lead role He was partying with his girlfriend Susan and some friends in his own house, one of his special friend’s names was Michael, Jon He used to make songs in a very cool way, he could make songs in any food and drink.

And whenever there was a party, he used to prepare the song in minutes on any topic, and people used to sing it and people used to enjoy it a lot, but these songs were not going to cost him, because of good in the film industry. Songs were needed, these songs were not going to work, and neither could they be a hit.

Jon goes to an organizer and asks him to organize a show, but the organizer asks for a lot of money, so he earns some money by doing a part-time job in Michael’s company, and gets him to organize a singing show, But nothing was going right in Jon’s life, his two or three friends were ill, and his girlfriend was about to leave him, he could not even write a song, he could not understand anything, That’s why he always heard the sound of tick tick.

It seemed that the clock was speeding up, and his time was running out, but he could not write the songs, there was only one left for the final show, then Jon quickly composes his songs, And very big directors, producers came to listen to him, the show ends, but after that, he does not get a call from any director-producer, he could get work in any film, he is very disappointed.

He was very disappointed because he was about to turn 30, he always thought that at the age of 30 my dad had got married, settled down, had two kids, and whom I consider being his inspiration, I slept my first music at the age of 17, and I am still writing songs.

Eventually, he turns 30, he celebrates a party in a hotel, his girlfriend also comes that day to meet him last time and brings a gift that Jon always used to say after seeing him in the library. When I become a big man, I will buy this book, that book gifts him.

How accurate is Netflix’S Tick Tock Boom?

One day suddenly Jon gets a call from a producer, he says I listened to your music, and I like it very much, I am going to hire you soon, and Jon starts preparing for his next music show, and The name of that music was Tick tick…Boom, Jon did the last show of his life Tick tick…Boom, but he was 35 years old by then, and he wrote a song Rent, And he dies 1 day before that song comes in the live audience.

Rent is very successful, played in broadcasts for 12 years continuously, but it was of no use to Jon because he was dead, he struggled as long as he was alive, and as soon as he was alive. He dies, becomes a superstar, and with that, the film ends.


Tick tick…Boom is a musical film, you will find songs from place to place if you are not fond of listening to songs, then you will not like this film at all because there is a song on everything, someone is talking If there is a song, then (The Laws of the border ending explained, Review 2021) someone is going to sing.

Tick tick…Boom is a very emotional film, in many places, you will not be able to control your eyes, this type of emotional scene has been shown, the film shows the struggle of a singer, but it also has mostly personal areas. Shown, which can only happen to Jon, not necessarily every singer.

Tick tick…Boom movie is in the average category, in 2 hours you will not find anything like this, which you will be able to remember for a long time, I saw this film I liked it, but very good can’t say, You can watch this movie, but will not enjoy the kind of movie that the audience is desperate to watch, I ask to watch any movie when its rating is above 6/10 But this film is not in that category.

Answer – 75 – 80%

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