The Laws of the border

The Laws of the border ending explained, Review 2021

The Laws of the border (Outlaws)

Release Date – November 22, 2021 .netflix ( The film is being released worldwide on 22 November 2021 by Netflix on the OTT platform.)

Rating – 6/10

Director – Daniel Monzón


  • Marcos Ruiz (Nacho)
  • Begoña Vargas (Tere)
  • Chechu Salgado (Zarco)
  • Xavier Martin (Gordo)
  • Carlos Oviedo (Guille)


The Laws of the border shows how an ordinary boy goes into the world of crime, and how much he has to struggle to come back to normal life, and how many problems his entire family has to face. Well, in the film, the reasons for the spoiling of boys at a young age have also been shown very correctly.

Story Line

The beginning of the film The Laws of the border shows a 20-year-old boy, named Nacho, who lived with his parents and only sister, did not feel like studying at all, he was always interested in playing games. He used to go to the store near the house, and play games there for hours, there were two reasons to play the game, one was there came to a girl whom he liked very much, and secondly, he enjoyed playing the game.

But he did not have enough money that he could play the game all day, so he started working in the game shop itself so that he could get to play the game all day, and there he talked slowly to that girl. Also, the girl introduces some of her friends to Nacho, that girl’s name was Tere, all of Tere’s friends were drug addicts, and he was very expert in theft, bloodshed.

Nacho did not like those boys, but what could he do, he liked Tere, and Tere was always with those people, so he was forced to live with those boys, those boys slowly intoxicated Nacho Taught to do, Nacho did not even tell anything to his mom dad, and on his asking, he used to get ready to fight, again and again, so even the family members did not pay much attention, Nacho was getting worse day by day.

Nacho completely joins the gang of thieves, starts stealing with them, and just because he was in love with the girl, the girl used to kiss him, and move around, he got to be with Tere. So he didn’t think even the slightest to do any wrong. Nacho’s gang became very active, they started robbing the bank and shooting people, also used to kill and kill government employees, on which a team of police was formed which started planning to nab them.

She gives, many people of Nacho’s gang are caught, they are well policed, and one of them joins the boy in Nacho’s group so that he keeps giving the whole news to the police.

They all started stealing so much that, the city police were very upset with them, the police had the record of all the thieves, but Nacho did not have a record, because he had just joined the group, after stealing all this He had a relationship with a prostitute and lived a very comfortable life by going to the club, but one day four of Nacho’s friends are killed in a car accident.

Now only 4 people were left in that group, all of them go to the bank one day to steal, but the one person in Nacho’s group who was a police informer, he calls the police and tells the police there. When the police fire indiscriminately, and everyone is shot, the head of the thieves is caught by the police, named Zarco, but he does his job even when caught, and from there escapes Tere and Nacho. Helps a whole lot.

Nacho was shot, he comes to his house on the run, his dad was a government employee, he said to Nacho, if you do not tell me everything right, I will call the police, then Nacho tells them the whole story and Nacho dad promises him that, I will help you, if I have to go to jail for you, I will do that too.

Police come to Nacho’s house and threaten his dad a lot, and takes his statement, but he was adamant on the same thing, says my boy was with me, he didn’t go anywhere, and if I was jailed for this I will go even if I have to go, but I am telling the truth.

the police also call Nacho, but Nacho did not look like those goons at all, he had a very innocent face, seeing which the police believe that, maybe it Wasn’t in that group, because it’s so sacred it can’t even hold a gun, and its hands and feet are trembling, it can’t steal, so the police leave it.

Tere and Nacho do not see each other for a long time, but once Tere and Nacho meet in a club, the two talk for a while Tere tells that Zarco is still in jail, and I want to meet him. I visit every week, which makes Nacho think that maybe she is in love with Zarco, so she leaves in anger.

After many years Nacho becomes the judge, Nacho was the judge of the same prison where Zarco was lodged, Nacho goes to meet Zarco and tells that, I will try to get you free as soon as possible, but it will take some time, Zarco In some time I will die anyway, because I am very ill, and I am very old.

Nacho tells that Tere loves you very much, to which Zarco says, she loves you not me, which both start an argument, then Zarco tells that, Tere and I are siblings, I am only on him Used to keep an eye so that she does not spoil much, but she loved you only.

After knowing this, Nacho starts crying, he feels that he has committed a great sin, the girl he used to love, that girl also loved him, but in a confusion, their lives are ruined. Both were old, but both were not married yet, just kept waiting for each other. With this, the film ends.


The Laws of the border movie is very much related to normal life, it is often seen that boys go out on wrong paths at a young age, which is well explained in this film, either they support their wrong friends, Or they have lost the beauty (“Red notice ending explained” movie review 2021) of a girl, and are ready to do anything for her, without thinking about what will be the result.

Also shown are the troubles the family has to go through with the ill effects of a spoiled boy, scenes from The Laws of the Border 1978 movie, old cars, old clothes, and old clothes. Kind of fashion, it has been kept far away from the present.

One thing I found wrong with The Laws of the border is that the film is lengthened, I feel that films made in Spain are allowed to be made for at least 2 hours, not less than that. Can be made, it seems that is why the film is forcibly stretched.

The Laws of the Border film has a high amount of sexual content along with love angles, but the story of the film has a lot of power and is quite spectacular, and you should watch the film.