Red Notice

“Red notice ending explained” movie review 2021

Red Notice

Release Date – November 12, 2021

Rating – 6.7/10

Director – Rawson Marshall Thurber


  • Dwayne Johnson (John Hartley)
  • Ryan Reynolds (Nolan Booth)
  • Gal Gadot (The Bishop)
  • Ritu Arya (Inspector Urvashi Das)
  • Chris Diamantopoulos (Sotto Voce)
  • Ivan Mbakop (Tambwe)


Red Notice features 2 of the world’s most dangerous thieves who try to steal a king’s mysterious egg, the egg was made of gold, and that was precious, but in the end, the cops won Because the money they get after stealing the eggs is seized by the government, and finally the thieves have to start over again, from where the film started.

Story Line

Red Notice The film begins with a king presenting his wife with three golden eggs, which were very valuable, but two eggs are stolen, and one of the eggs no one knew was there. Where is the egg, in both the stolen eggs, one egg reaches the museum and the other egg was with a gangster.

The FBI thinks that a thief named Booth will come to steal the museum egg, so they send a special officer named Hartley, but when Hartley arrives at the museum, the golden egg has already been stolen Was.

Hartley makes a plan with Inspector Das, the officer of his police department, and goes to his house to catch the thief, and takes possession of the golden egg again, but the golden egg is named Bishop. The girl steals, but the police do not find it.

When the police find out 2 days later that we have this fake egg, the original egg has been stolen by someone else, they go to Hartley, arrest her partner Inspector Das, Hartley, and send her to Russia. imprisons her in a very advanced security prison with the same thief Booth.

Both Hartley and Booth lived together, Booth tells that you being Spector, you caught me and it happened to you too, why don’t you join me, and we can run away from here, after escaping we find that egg Hartley gets involved in Booth’s words, and you’ll be able to prove your innocence and the two escape from Russia’s prison.

Both Booth and Hartley befriend each other, as Booth intended to take possession of all three eggs, and Hartley wanted me to prove my innocence, so he was looking for Bishop, who stole the first egg. because she knew she might be looking for a second and third egg as well, Booth Hartley approaches the gangster, after dodging advance security to steal the second egg, into his bolt.

But Bishop also arrives there, and after a spectacular fight action, she runs away with another egg, and Booth and Hartley are trapped by the gangster who is beaten well, but Booth and Hartley are captured by that gangster. Get out and run away from there.

Before escaping Bishop, Booth asks Booth for the address of that third egg, Booth tells her a wrong address in Egypt, and she thinks that Bishop will go there, but she knew Booth was lying to her, that Booth Both Booth and Hartley set off in a forest to find the third egg.

Booth’s father was a policeman, and he spends his time searching for mysterious things, Booth tells that my dad had a watch as a child, but that watch disappears in the middle, so my dad thinks that I stole it, so he stops talking to me, meaning that watch was more valuable than me.

After Booth’s dad dies, Booth smashes the clock into the wall, just because my dad didn’t talk to me for many years because of this watch, but when the clock breaks, a location appears in it. Which looked like the coding inside that clock.

Booth finds out whose watch is this, then he learns that it is the watch of one of Hitler’s right-hand partners, who had run away from Hitler in his ship with some things seven seas away, Booth thinks it must be in this location. But something special will happen.

Booth searches, then he finds out that, this is the same person who saw the third egg last time, Booth had an idea that, maybe the third egg is also hidden at this location, so he is at that location. Arrive, which was in a forest.

Booth and Hartley reach that forest, then they see a cave there, when they go inside that cave, they also find that third egg, but both of them were also being followed by Bishop, that too reached there. Inspector Das, who was chasing Bishop, arrives there with the police force, and a fierce fight ensues in the cave.

But from there Hartley, Bishop and Booth all three manage to escape from the police and come out into a sea, tell Booth to Hartley, Hartley now you arrest Bishop, and you will defend your innocence. Prove it, and I got this egg, now we will all go our own way.

But then the game reverses, Hartley starts kissing Bishop, and Booth frees the egg, Hartley tells that, Bishop and I are partners, I am not a policeman, we are bigger thieves than you, and our You are trapped under the plan, now you have to go to jail, and from there Hartley handcuffs Booth to a tree, and disappears with the egg himself with Bishop.

Hartley and Bishop go to a businessman, that businessman announces that, if he brings all three eggs together, he will be given $ 30 million, Hartley and Bishop give all three eggs to that businessman and ask him They disappear with $30 million, but Inspector Das arrives, and she explains that buying a stolen item is a crime, so she seizes the egg, and sends those businessmen to jail Is.

What type of sailboat is in the movie Red Notice?

For the movie red notice is that Castle prison a real place?

Why is the movie called red notice like the book but nothing to do with the book?

Booth was also arrested by Inspector Das, Booth makes a deal with Inspector Das that, if you leave me, I can get you all the money for Hartley and Bishop, he is the secret of Hartley and Bishop’s bank account. Das, from which the government seizes all his money, and again Hartley and Bishop become poor.

Booth, Hartley and Bishop meet again on the island, and Booth explains that you cheated on me, so I ruined all of you, who got $30 million for eggs, all that the government seized. Once done, Booth gives Hartley and Bishop a contract to work with him, and next to commit another big heist, clearly indicating that a sequel will be coming soon, and with that, the film ends.


Red Notice Movie has action, drama, romance, mystery, everything, the way of presenting the film is also amazing, and the movie is very well made, often seen in movies, fight There is a thief and the police, but in this film, there is a fight between two thieves, and the role of the police also remains in the middle.

Although there are some minor flaws in the film which needed to be rectified, some concepts have been shown which may not be possible in reality, the film has shown a lot of action, the last scene in the film is such a bet. The reverse scene (‘Parallel mothers’ ending explained | movie review 2021 ) has been shown, due to which people will remember the film for a long time.

I watched red notice film in detail, and I liked it very much, the film is made wonderfully, and I would highly recommend that you must watch Red Notice film, everything is in sync with a good concept, The film is worth the money. and you must watch it, Red Notice is a wonderful film.

  • Answer 1 – Ocean sailing boat is shown in red notice.
  • Answer 2 – No, there is actually no such prison in Russia, the most dangerous prison in Russia is Black Dolphin.
  • Answer 3 – The police put a red notice stamp on the case file of the three thieves, which means they can be arrested anywhere in the world, because they had run away after deceiving the police, and the police wanted them to be caught as soon as possible.


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