Parallel Mothers

‘Parallel mothers’ ending explained | movie review 2021

Parallel Mothers

Release Date – 28 Jan 2022

⭐⭐⭐ – 5/10

Director – Pedro Almodóvar


  • Aitana Sánchez-Gijón (Teresa)
  • Penélope Cruz (Janis)
  • Rossy de Palma (Elena)
  • Milena Smit Julieta Serrano (Brígida)
  • Israel Elejalde (Arturo)


Parallel Mothers depicts the stories of two mothers whose child is exchange in the hospital, although fate is such that the two live together, and a mother learns that it is not her child, The other did not know, but the similarity between the two children was that, both did not get the love of the father, because one was illegitimate, and the other was not ready to adopt.

Story Line

The movie Parallel Mothers begins with a girl named Janis, who requesting a government employee named Arturo to excavate some land and retrieve the ashes of her grandfather was killed in a battle, he wanted those assets to be taken out, and then they should be cremated with respect.

Arturo agrees to help him find his grandfather buried bones, Janis is impressed by this, Arturo and Janis also fall in love, both have a physical relationship and Janis becomes pregnant.

But Arturo was not ready to adopt that child, because Arturo had been married before, and his wife had cancer, he wanted her to die when my wife died.

then we will have a new baby, but not now, but Janis refuses Arturo plans, she says we will stay away, we will never talk to each other, I’ll raise this baby.

Janis was in the hospital when he met a girl named Ana, Ana was also pregnant, and Ana’s dad lived separately from her mother, Ana’s mother was an actress, who very little attention, Janis and Ana both had one child each And the child changed because of the doctor’s mistake.

But Janis and Ana do not know this, both of them take them home as their children, after some time Arturo comes to Janis to see his child, but when Arturo sees the child, he says It’s not my baby, it face doesn’t match either me or you.

Janis gets furious at him, says it is our child, and gets angry and drives Arturo away, but Janis also realizes that this child neither looks like me nor looks like Arturo, somewhere Arturo is right, so she undergoes a medical test, the test reveals that this child is not Janis’s, this child is someone else’s.

Janis realizes that maybe our baby has been exchange, maybe it’s Ana’s baby, she looks for Ana. So, Ana meets Ana working in a hotel, Janis brings her to her house, and Asks Ana where is your child, to which Ana tells that my child died, he did not have any kind of disease, but he is no more.

Janis, without informing Ana, takes her sample test, and makes her match through a medical test, on which it is known that this child is Ana’s, Janis does not tell Ana that my child is with you, And I have your child, she takes Ana to work at her house, she says you work at my house, I will give you 700 euros monthly.

Ana and Janis used to take care of the child together, Janis was a photographer, so she had to go out too, on which Ana took full care of the child, Janis was slowly getting used to staying away from that child because she knew that one day I would have to tell that this child is Ana.

Janis asks Ana who is her father, Ana tells that three people forcefully spent the night with me in the bed, one of them belongs to.

After a few days, Janis tells Ana that this baby is not mine but yours, and the child who died was mine, she shows the medical report and tells that our baby was exchange in the hospital, On which Ana is completely sure, one of the boys who forced Ana was similar face to that of the child, then Ana realizes that it is my child.


Ana immediately starts leaving with that child, Ana says give me my child, and I will leave from here now, Janis requests her a lot to leave it with me for a few more days, then I will let you go But Ana does not agree, she takes her child and goes back to her house.

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Janis goes to Arturo again, and tells him that Arturo you were right, he was not our child, he was someone else’s child, our child was exchange by the hospital team, and that’s what I accused of you. Please forgive me, then Arturo reveals that his wife is now cured of cancer.

Arturo says but I won’t leave you, and then Arturo shifts her to a different house, after that Arturo finishes Janis’s work, they find her grandfather ashes, and all pay tribute together, after which the film ends.


To show a small mistake in a Parallel Mothers movie, making a two-hour film is a lot of time, in today’s movies a lot of suspense, mystery and action is put in a one and a half-hour film, but to show a small concept. For this, if a two-hour film is made, it will bore people.

The story of Parallel Mothers is good, but it is shown quite slow, this film has light emotional scenes, nothing else, no action, no mystery, and no dramatic scene in the film, An attempt has been made to connect two different stories in Parallel Mothers, but it does not harmonize till the end, two completely different stories are shown in one film, which makes the film longer and does not make any sense Comes out.

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I watched the full Parallel Mothers movie and decided it doesn’t belong in that category at all, that I recommend you, because wasting two hours watching a small mistake and a few emotional scenes would be too much, I would not recommend at all to watch this movie

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