Army of thieves

‘Army of thieves’ Netflix ending explained | Review 2021

Army of thieves

Release Date – October 29, 2021

Rating – 5.5/10

Director – Matthias Schweighöfer


  • Matthias Schweighöfer (Sebastian)
  • Nathalie Emmanuel (Gwendoline Starr)
  • Ruby O. Fee (Korina Dominguez)
  • Stuart Martin (Brad Cage)
  • Guz Khan (Rolph)
  • Jonathan Cohen (Delacroix)


Army of thieves movie depicts a gang who steals in international banks, that too by targeting a particular type of locker, which has a total gang of 5 people, who carry out this theft, such lockers target, a locksmith made in a very mysterious way, and that was a very mysterious lock, in this theft group there were some people who loved money, some people enjoyed opening locks , and some people had to earn their name by opening this lock.

Story Line

Army of Thieves The movie begins with a guy named Sebastian, who tells about a locksmith on YouTube, named Hans Wagner, who made a series of 4 locks, and only he could open that lock. who knew those riddles, he made this lock through a puzzle, if someone wanted to open the lock, then he had to solve that puzzle first, but Sebastian knew about this riddle, because he was a lock since childhood. Was an expert in opening.

Sebastian used to give all this information on his youtube channel, but no one sees it, not a single view comes on his youtube channel, but he still used to put this information, and did his job, he worked in a bank Used to do, but one day he gets a view on his YouTube video, and a comment also comes.

An address was given in that comment, there it is told that there you go and take the competition, your life will change, Sebastian goes to that lock breaking competition, and wins the first prize there, after that he will again take his Comes home, and one day on his way to office, he used to take juice in a cafe, when he goes there, he meets a girl.

That girl’s name was Gwendoline, she tells that I work in an international piracy gang, and I commented on that youtube video of yours, I know your talent, and I need you because we need that lock We have to open Hans Wagner’s lock, which no one knows more about than you, and we will blow all his money.

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Sebastian finds this a joke at first, but he goes home and thinks something, then goes to Gwendoline, Gwendoline introduces himself to other friends, including Korina (Hacker), Brad Cage (fighter), Rolph (Driving expert) ) Is.

Together they leave for the first mission, they go to a bank and there they reach that locker very easily, Sebastian does not take much time to open that locker, he solves the puzzle, And he keeps on opening that lock slowly, that lock could be opened only after understanding the riddles, so he used to do the puzzle, and used to open the lock accordingly.

Sebastian was not obsessed with money, he did not want money, he enjoyed opening the lock, so he would open the lock again and again, and secondly he was alone in the house, always he felt bored, But he’s found a job that makes him live, party, live happily ever after, and he slowly falls in love with Gwendoline.

Gwendoline’s boyfriend was Brad Cage, who was in the same group, and he knows how to fight, he learns that Sebastian wants to make my girlfriend his own, so he keeps climbing with her, And once the others go to the bank to break the lock, and come out after breaking the lock, Brad Cage pushes Sebastian out of the car, although Sebastian runs away to escape the police.

After a short walk Gwendoline becomes angry with Brad Cage, because she knew, Sebastian is the best lock opener in our group, if we leave him, our further work will stop, from above We can’t deceive anyone, she breaks up with Brad Cage, and Korina joins Gwendoline as well.

Sebastian reaches Sebastian’s house with Korina, Sebastian was very angry, he feels that they all cheated him together, made him open the lock and ran away with all the money, he did not regret that he had even one Didn’t get the money, just thinking that I went away from the one I loved.

But when Sebastian reaches home, Gwendoline and Korina have already arrived at his house, at first he is very angry, but later he agrees, because he loved Gwendoline, Gwendoline says you trust me. Do, I will never deceive you, and he leaves to open the third lock.

Sebastian also opens the third lock very easily, based on the same riddle, but the police catches Korina, on torturing Korina, Korina tells where she is going to run away, but the news of this Brad Cage also had, Brad Cage knew that, these people would go to open the third lock, he also tracks Gwendoline’s mobile and runs after him to steal money.

Brad Cage approaches Gwendoline, and he kneels Gwendoline at gunpoint, but Gwendoline fights him, locking them both in the same truck and runs away with Sebastian, followed by the police. Well, the police take Brad Cage and Rolph away.

Gwendoline was running to USA with Sebastian, but in the middle she is caught by the police, Gwendoline makes a deal, she says that I promised Sebastian that, I will release her free, so you catch me Take it and let Sebastian go, or else I will shoot you, the cop agrees, and catches Gwendoline and puts him in jail, and Sebastian is freed, he goes to the USA.

But no one knew that he is a clever lock opener, he starts working in a small lock shop, but after a few days a person comes there, Hans Wagner to open that fourth lock Kay, and Sebastian agrees to open that fourth lock as well, but the movie ends here.


A great combination has been shown in the film Army of Thieves, love angle as well as stealing is shown, it is often seen that such films do not have love scenes, but romance has also been inserted in this film, so that to see The one who can get some new experience, watching the movie will have a different experience, because here (‘Hypnotic movie’ ending explained: Review 2021) we cannot explain better the ways of stealing, it is a different pleasure to watch.

Army of Thieves is an average film, but it will be fun to watch as the film shows a good combination of both romance and mind games, the film also has a few fighting scenes, although it is very short, this film It also tells that, Army of thieves sequel is going to come very soon, I liked this film very much, and I want you to see it too .

Answer 1 – what a tumblerful world

Answer 2 – It is known as 290 Bowrider, it is also called Sport Boat, In the film, it is used to evade the police.